Come and see my new epi pomegranate and i'm going to exchange it! (kinda long...)

  1. went to the store today and saw the new epi colours, they are both lovely but decided to get the new epi pomegranate in pochette montaigne.
    came home happily and started taking pix of my new baby
    and guess what i saw?!

    SCRATCHES on the leather?!!!!!!
    so i called the store immediately but got transferred to the customer service centre, explained everything and they told me to return the bag! but the store said it was the only one!!! i got transferred to the store and the SA said i should take it back and they will give me a new one!
    i thought it was the only one in the store?!!!

    but anywayz, i have the zippy coin purse in the same colour too

    look at the pix, it's really obvious isn't it?!
    i'm really sad and dissappointed....
    why has the quality of their items dropped?!
    i've had to return my bellevue PM because the gel on the handles went open......:crybaby:

    later, i went to the other store (Collins St), went in, it was really busy and crowded so i waited patiently to be served... but no one noticed me, so i've had to speak up.
    I asked the lady about the new turqoise inclusion bracelet because it was sold out at the Crown store, guess what the lady said?! this is the dialogue....

    me: do you happen to have the new turqoise/green inclusion bracelet?
    SA: what? greY?
    me: no, the green...turqoise?! the same green as the hair cubes?
    SA: no..we've never made that bracelet in green
    me: yes
    SA: NO! WE DON'T!!
    me: yes, you do. i've seen it!
    me: i've seen it on the website and i've seen pix of it!! i'm pretty sure that you do!
    SA went off without saying a word, went to the comp and started looking...she was banging on the keyboard and she couldn't find it.
    she went through the look books, it looked like she was going to tear the pages apart coz she was so rude...and obviously she couldn't find anything.
    she went to another SA and asked whether they have the green, the other SA said no, they don't come in green...
    so she went off to another gent SA and said that I insisted that there is a green bracelet but there isn't one!
    so the gent SA came over and said they don't have it in green and asked wherer i saw it.
    i told him.......It's on the Louis Vuitton website and i have seen a friend's green bracelet!
    and of course, i came home without a turqoise bracelet.......
    i'm really upset with their customer service.....and manners...
    perhaps it's just me...because i've heard TPFers who shops at the Collins st store saying how good their service were....perhaps they just don't like me........:crybaby::tdown:
    DSC00819.JPG DSC00825.JPG
  2. May I ask how much the zippy coin purse is? THANKS
  3. Of course :smile:
    The epi zippy coin purse is $455 Australian Dollars :smile::smile:
  4. Wow, i love the NEW epi zippy coin purse!! Gorgeous!!

    Congratulations.. :flowers:
  5. what a nice color... so elegant
  6. Sorry to hear that you was treated poorly by the stock manager.

    Love your clutch and zippy coin purse. The color is so gorgeous.
  7. god what a b**** i feel so bad for you, theres nothing worse than a crappy sa.
    yeah they are pretty obvious but god its beautiful can they get one from another store.
  8. It's funny eh... the Collins St one ... the gent was kinda rude to me when I went in yonks ago but a few weeks ago I went in to get a damier pochette and he was quite nice !? So I don't know maybe they have their bad days.

    hmmmmmmmm I sense danger lol...
    I didn't know the new colours are here already, might have to pop for a peek.... :devil:
  9. Ugh, sorry about to hear about the rude SAs. Perhaps you can go to another boutique or is it too far away? Anyway, congrats on the goodies! Hopefully you'll get another pochette montaigne soon!
  10. Bad Customer service I would say. Boo!

    Cheer up gal, at least you got what you want
  11. Thank you all
    i really appreciate all of your comments
    i think i'm addicted to TPF and i MUST visit the forum everyday
    everyone is so nice here and i know you'd understand me
    i hope nothing goes wrong with my future Louis Vuitton purchases :sad:
    there are only two boutiques in Melbourne and i guess i must go to either one if i want something, or perhaps i should just mail order from sydney?

    Should i give the customer service centre a call and complain? i dont think they would do anything :sad:

    my friend has lodged a complaint with Chanel head office in Sydney and they actually appologized and sent her an apology letter + a Chanel gift!
    i doubt that I'll get that level of server with Louis........
  12. I am sad to hear about your experience at the store .... I have written to the CEO of LV here and received a response .. I find that info line quite frustrating so I would not bother to complain via them. The epi is such a beautiful colour .. I adore the cassis passy pm:heart:
  13. Yep, i saw the passy pm in cassis too! it's a beauty!!
    but i still bought the pochette montaigne, i dont actually carry too much, but...i still have my eyes set on the passy pm! i hope they make the sac montaigne in cassis, i'd get that!

    Have you written to the CEO of LV here?! could you please give me their address? did you actually write a letter or an email? thanks heaps :smile:
  14. ^^ I agree the passy pm is stunning in cassis but they are not making it in the passy GM....I have sent you a PM;)
  15. Such a pretty color! Wow! I'm so sorry they were rude to you. There is no excuse for it. I hope you find the green bracelet! :smile: