Come and See. My New Bleekers are here! They are great!

  1. Hi.

    I just wanted to share my two new bags which are the Bleeker Laced Flap in Walnut No. 11446 and my Bleeker Large Duffle in Rust
    No. 11423. I love them both. I have been carrying the Bleeker laced flap in walnut everyday for the past week so I really love it. The rings on the strap do dig a little into your shoulder but I love the leather on this bag as it is sumptuous. I know that the strap won't bother me at all
    once I start wearing heavier jackets. If you load it up it is as heavy as an Ali - I love that the strap is long on this so I can get into my bag. I love the duffle as well as you can wear it cross body. It is a versatile bag. These photos were taken in natural light. My advice to
    anyone is if you are thinking about getting a Bleeker do get it as this is a really great collection.
    IMG0001_10.jpg IMG0001_18.jpg IMG0001_17.jpg IMG0001_16.jpg IMG0001_15.jpg
  2. I love them both because they have that "vintage style" feel to them. Reminds me alot of the bags I grew up with!!! Awesome!

  3. Wow Liz those are lovely - and they look great on you!
  4. Congrats on your new bags!
  5. Wow, those are amazing!! Congrats!!
  6. Thanks greenpixie. I love my bags. You should most definitely get the Bleeker Large Flap in Green No. 11419.
    I ordered that in the Burgundy but if I don't like it I am swapping it out to the Green. I really love the color green in the Fall, Winter and Spring!
  7. Beautiful!!!! I am loving the duffle!!! :smile:
  8. wow! i love the duffle! very subtle beauty~
  9. The duffle is really pretty! Is it confortable to wear over your shoulder with the drop length longer? I really love that style!
  10. The duffle is really comfortable hanging from the shoulder and I especially like it cross-body. It really looks very urban chic when I wear it that way. The duffle is really deep and you can fit alot in it and the bottom of the duffle is oval in shape and not circular like the older duffles. For this reason the duffle lays nicely on the body
    because of the oval shape.
  11. Oh I love both!!!!! they both have such gorgeous colors to them!!!! Congrats!!!
  12. Wow, that duffle is a gorgeous colour. I love the lacing on the walnut bag. I definately have to go check them out in the store!
  13. cute
  14. Both are stunning, I love the duffle, the color, the way it hangs, its just beautiful, Liz, enjoy!
  15. Those Bleekers and colors are great on you Liz. I love them. Congrats!!!