Come and see my new baby

  1. I went to Harrods yesterday with the intention of getting the new black reissue but completely fell in :heart:with this. So gorgeous with such beautiful leather. This is the pinnacle of my collection. I am just so, so happy.
    resizedreissue 004.jpg resizedreissue 003.jpg resizedreissue 001.jpg
  2. Beautiful color!!! Congrats
  3. Gorgeous! Enjoy it
  4. Gorgeous! I love the color!
  5. My absolute favorite Reissue color!! Beautiful. Congrats!
  6. it's gorgeous! i love the red color, congrats!!
  7. congrats, estile!!!
    i love reissues, and this is a great color!
  8. Congrats! its lovely.
  9. Gorgeous! The red looks great with silver hardware. congrats.
  10. gorgeous indeed! love the color!
  11. Love the color -- congrats!
  12. Gorgeous!!! What size is it?
  13. congratulations. its soooo beautiful!
  14. It's the 226 (medium).

    Thanks for your kind comments everyone. I would take a pic carrying it but I am very camera shy. :blush:
  15. Wow, how gorgeous, congrats
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