Come and see my new baby Twiggy from SALE!

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  1. #1 Jan 18, 2009
    Last edited: Jan 18, 2009
    So, I'm currently in Moscow, Russia and went today to TSUM sales just to check! I was really surprised to find a vast choice of Balenciaga bags (though the SA said many are gone) with -50%!
    With the current low rouble, I got this beautiful Twiggy (I'm not sure about the colour, but it's still with extra tassels and old mirror! Is it Mastic???)! The leather is really gorgeous on this one!!:drool:
    They also had several cities rh left (ruby and sky blue, bubble gum), some more twiggies in blue, bubblegum and white! Many Giant bags: ruby city, work and pompom! One Amethyste CGH and some Giant briefs (one in red with GGH- MARVELLOUS, from 2007)!
    I just remember that the City RH were about 20.000rub that is around 650 dollars! :tup:
    Here are the pics of my beauty,maybe you could help me with the colour?;)
    In natural light

    and with a flash

  2. great buy, congrats on this beauty!
  3. She´s sahara color!. What a beauty, love it.. My first Bbag was a 08 sahara city :graucho: congrats!!!:yahoo::heart:
  4. Great buy! I have an anthracite Twiggy and I love how the handles flop over when it's set down, just like yours!
  5. Thank you!!! Now I know!!:tup:
  6. Oh, and I forgot to add that they had several money walets (220 dollars with rh and 315 dollard with GH in Green and Antra)!
  7. This's a great color, congrats !!

  8. Great buy! :tup: I like the colour, and 50% off is amazing!
  9. CONGRATS, she looks absolutely yummy!!!
  10. If that's Sahara, I have the same bag. It was my first bbag. She's a beauty, congrats!
  11. What a great deal! Congratulations!
  12. Congrats! Great deal & great bag.
  13. congrats, your twiggy is beautiful. lucky girl, you got it at a steal price!!! i want to go to moscow now!!!!
  14. Incredible deal on a bag from the regular motorcycle line! They so seldom go on sale - you are very lucky!!! I'm so happy a PF member was able to buy something from the sale. The color and leather are just beautiful! Congrats!
  15. What an awesome deal ! Congrats ! :yes: