Come and see my little ray of sunshine! A lovely gift from an awesome friend!

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  1. I am smiling from ear to ear right now!:yahoo: I just got home from the post office and opened a package from a great friend of mine. I tore open the lovely wrapping and could not do anything but stareeeeee at the thick, soft, pliable leather on this bag. Better known as the Kooba Elisha, this bag is just stunning in so many different ways. The leather is really thick and buttery, the smell is intoxicating, the shape is so lovely and feminine, the bag itself is exceptionally roomy, and the side pockets are just sheer genius!

    I love my new bag!

    Thank you so much T-Roo! :yahoo:

  2. GORGEOUS! Congratulations!
  3. Wow!! That is my FAVE shade of yellow!! Lucky you! Enjoy your ray of sunshine.

    I WANT THIS BAG!! It's the PERFECT shade of yellow. I must have it! LOL
  4. Wow that is a nice friend and that bag is a keeper.
  5. very nice, the color is yummy!
  6. Wow, what an awesome friend!
  7. I am drooling all over this bag...I absolutely love it!!!
  8. What an amazing friend Gung! I am so in love with yellow bags at the moment and that one is gorgeous!!
  9. Wow, what a nice friend! Congrats, it is a beauty!
  10. Isn't that Kooba yellow yummy! I ahd the Devin bag in that yellow but I let her go.......
  11. I absolutely LOVE that color and that bag is SO beautiful!! Congrats!
  12. that color is perfect for spring and have a very thoughtful friend, appreciate each other!
  13. Oh Gung, it's gorgeous! And what a wonderful friend!! I adore the color. Congrats on having such a great friend and congrats on your new bag.
  14. WOW! It is stunning!!!
  15. WoW, she is gorgeous!! That bag will brighten up any day with a shot of sunshine.