Come and see my brief...

  1. After my recent first ever b-bag purchase i decided to go for another bag! as there is so many styles or colours i wanted, i have left a few posts to help me with my decisions...wanted a black city GH...pine city Gh and a 05 bordeaux city. I was so close in paying £600 for the bordeaux but i decided it wasnt the bag for me...for me to spend that much on a used bag!

    Anyhooo i fell in :heart: with the brief...i love the style but i was a bit concerned with the size as i thought it looked a bit big...but i seen so many pics with people using their briefs and it looks gorgues! i think seeing vanessa hudgens carrying her brief never helped!

    So i got myself a giant cinnamon brief!!!!! :yahoo: the combination of the colour and the gold looks gorgues together! The leather is Agneau and its lovely...obviously im not widely knowledge with balenciagas i didnt see any difference between my twiggy which was chevre. The ageau is smooshy and not thin as i read in some posts. The bag is a tad heavier with the hardware but nothing as heavy as chloe bags so to me its still a light bag.

    so here are pics of my can fit loads...! i was putting as much stuff as i can in it to see the maximum capacity so inside i got like my purse, brolly, lip balm..all the contents for everyday use along with 8 dvds in it. Its the only thing i can find in my room that were bulky and heavy!

    So guys..i hope you love it as much as i do :yes:
    bag 1.jpg bag 2.jpg bag 3.jpg
  2. Peki.. your new addition is beautiful!! Congrats!!!!
  3. It looks great ... very nice and warm color! Congrats!
  4. I love it. Gorgeous, congrats!
  5. I'm a massive fan of the Brief.

    Absolutely gorgeous - congrats!
  6. Look at that leather! It's very smooshy looking:smile: Congrats:smile:
  7. OMG -- that is GORGEOUS!
  8. Congrats on your new bbag - isn't the color divine?
  9. Congrats:yahoo: i love the Brief too and yours is so yummy.:drool:
  10. Oooo I love your new brief! The color is gorgeous, very classy. Love the pics of it stuffed to the brim too.
  11. leather looks plushy, yums! model for us! :wlae:congrats!
  12. Beautiful bag!! Congrats!
  13. pekie - your on a roll! Congrats!
  14. Great choice! I love mogano - it's such a great color AND the leather is TDF!
  15. Gorgeous bag ... such a beautiful deep color! Congrats and enjoy!