Come and see Artsy MM!

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  1. Hi all! Just picked her up, and I LVoe! I really like the braided detail- so unique. I think she's pretty comfy, too. Share in my LV joy- it's been a while since I've bought one. :biggrin:

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  2. congrats, it's a beautiful bag, i love it!
  3. OMG!!! It's soooo beautifull!! I'm in loveee:heart:

    It looks beautiful!!
    Thank you for posting...
    I've ordered MM by online too ^^
    sooooo excited~

    How heavy is it???
  5. Can you make pictures of the inside pleaaassee?:biggrin:
  6. What a SPECTACULAR bag!!!

    I think I'm getting one, too :yahoo:
  7. Gorgeous!! Looks better on you than it does in the ad.
  8. It looks fabulous on you! Congrats :smile:
  9. What ad? Is there an ad? Link please!!! I am SO excited that someone has already posted one! Redd, congrats on the first Artsy!!! I absolutely love it! I may be ordering one later today...
  10. aw, you're all very sweet, thank you. fashion_mom1, you're the sweetest, but... I really don't think so!!! :P
  11. lovely on you... congrats
  12. Ohh i love it on you! Congrats! :biggrin:
  13. :faint:


    how tall are you? is the artsy much bigger than the galliera pm?

  14. hereuse, here is the pic of the website for mono shoulder bags. It shows the Artsy next to the Galliera. That pic clinched it for me!

    I figured out which ad you guys were talking about...sorry, had forgotten that one! I thought maybe LV put out a new one. Definitely better than it looks in the ad. The ad doesn't show the triangular sides and looks flat.

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  15. That was fast! The first Artsy Reveal on TPF! Loving this bag more and more! The 1-866- Vuitton CSR said that this bag was going to be sold out quickly just lke the Galliera release. Congratulations!