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  1. My updated lilac collection!

    03 City, 04 First, 06 Coin purse.

    I'm so happy, I'm lilac-complete!

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  2. ^ :tender: Oh~ I love all your lilacs!!!! So pretty :heart:
  3. Thank you, DollyGirl! I think lilac is much prettier and wearable than pink.
  4. "I think lilac is much prettier and wearable than pink" danae, i agree 100% with you, but that's maybe cos I'm way over my twenties...?
    In any case, thanks for sharing, lovely collection!
  5. I'm 23 but I still prefer lilac :P It's cute but not sugar-coated-cute.

  6. i love that it ages really well too. It looks so vintage and pretty even with wear and tear of everyday use..I love your lilac family!:drool::tup:
  7. Thanks, Sara! It's very summery here in Greece so lately I've been wearing the 2003 City everyday and LOVE her, she is such a neutral, I should get another style in this color!
  8. another pic of my lilac madness! and I'm pretty positive I have more lilac accessories... :rolleyes: I don't wear them all at once, of course. LOL!


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  9. danae, thanks for the pics! What, you're only 23?? I guess age has really got nothing to do with colour preferences...;)
  10. I totally agree with you! :graucho:
  11. :tup::tup: Lovely collection ~ Gorgeous LB & MJ:heart:
  12. :heart: WOW~ I love your Marc by Marc Jacobs shoes!!!!! Are they still available????

    Hehe... ;) I'm 23 too~
  13. Hi Dolly! I think the shoes are available. I got them in November but I saw them in NY just last month, at the Bleecker store and at Barneys.
  14. danae, great collection.:tup::drool: I:heart:your CL wedges!
  15. Hi Girls,
    May I know what leather is used for 2006 Lilac First? Chevre or Agneau?