~*Come and join the LILAC club*~

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  1. Thank you:tender:I got it about more than one year ago from a very nice tpf-member on ebay. In fact I got this cutie in excellent condition and I was very happy about it:yahoo:

    It's interesting to compare the different shades of lilac by the seasons, they are all very nice :heart:
  2. :shame: Thank you for your nice comments, vikianderson & danae!!!
  3. 06 Lilac CP

  4. [​IMG]
  5. 06 Lilac shoulder

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  6. I'M IN!!!!! Here is my 06 Lilac First and her daughter, 06 Lilac CP!!!!:heart::heart::heart:

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  7. delmilano, i :heart: your lilac first! i'm soon to get a lilac CP myself, it's such a loverly colour isn't it:yes::love:
  8. Apology to bore everyone who has seen this pic so many times :shame:

    Here is Miss 04 Lilac that I treasure so very much :girlsigh:

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  9. [​IMG]

    aki :drool: don't be sorry, i for one NEVER tire of seeing this beauty!!
  10. Thanks hun!!! :heart:
    I know I can always count on you to make me appreciate my bags more! :nuts:

  11. This color is gorgeous!!!! WOW!!!!!!!

  12. Congrats aki!!! I love this color! Would you say your photo is an accurate representation of the color? Or does it look more like the City above. I think I need to put lilac 04 on my list of wants. Your bag is gorgeous!:love:
  13. Thank you Cracker!:flowers:

    My pic I have to say represents the colour of my Lilac close to IRL..It was taken in natural daylight..

    I saw readytoshop's Lilac pic, and I have to say mine has darker tint than her City..

    HTH :heart:

    Yup, you ought to get 04 Lilac in your already gorgeous collection! Totally recommend it! :nuts:
  14. ^^^thanks, aki!
  15. Anytime Cracker :hugs: