~*Come and join the LILAC club*~

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  1. toni, this bag is :nuts::nuts::nuts: totally gorgeous!!!! Wow!
  2. zac, you are the Lilac :queen:! Your lilac clutches are going look awesome with your new grape Courier this Fall!!! :nuts:
  3. oh zacorey... I :heart::heart::heart: your 04 Lilac Clutch!! :tender: The color is so much more intense than my 06 Lilac Box!!:love:
  4. Cracker:heart:~ thanks!!! I can't wait to get some grape!!!

    soleil:heart:~ Thank you!!! All the lilac colors are different~ all are so pretty!!! A lilac box~ that's so rare to find!!!:love:
  5. thank you cracker!!!! i begged borrowed and stole for that one... it makes me so happy to carry it! and that one my husband actually said... " i really like your new "old" bag" i think he sort of finally understood why the older ones are sort of special!

    Zac! thank you so much for enlarging my pic! i am not sure how to do that.. have to read around in the help.. i only see the option to attach a jpg. cant post it in the thread directly. ps..... love the pic of the three lilacs together... so so pretty!!!
  6. VERY excited to be a part of this club!

    2004 Lilac First...

    Attached Files:

  7. My lilac family! 03 and 06 lilac!!!

    Attached Files:

  8. Danae and Zacorey, your lilac families are amazing!!!
  9. Oh willowsmom, you have my HG lilac 04. I am so jealous! It is beautiful-
  10. Thanks nwpurselover! I'll keep my eyes peeled for you!
  11. I like my 06 lilac First:love:

  12. Taupy, congrats on your lilac First. She looks brand new!
  13. :tender: I love lilac :heart: My lilac family~

  14. ^ such a gorgeous pic ~ :heart: your lilac family
  15. So gorgeous, dolly! I also have the cp and boobie, I'd love to find a Day as beautiful as yours!