~*Come and join the LILAC club*~

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  1. Lovely Lilac's ladies!

    Here is my 06 City:heart:
  2. zacorey, I love lilac and purple too!!!

    Thanks his angel :heart: That is a Hermes twilly!
  3. ^^^so I take it you're getting something in violet dolly?????
  4. siri~ gorgeous lilac!!! The leather looks so thick and yummy!!!:love::love::love:
  5. Wish I had lilac... Thinking of buying a mini-compagnon because it is available in lilac :rolleyes: Can't wait to get my hands on my purple city..
  6. :heart: I want to~ but don't know which one to choose.... another city or twiggy or work? Any suggestion?
  7. here is mine! 03 lilac

    lovely lilacs ladies!!!!!:heart:

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  8. :heart: I love your lilac!!!
  9. Toni~ LOVE your lilac city!!!!:love: Needs to be bigger!!!

  10. I love everyone's lilacs! :tup:
    Zacorey and tony22, I love,love, loooove and covet your 03s!!!!

    Here are my lilac 06 city and boobie. I was lucky enough to find one with very thick and chewy leather!:wlae: The first two pics are without flash. The color is somewhat more accurate in the last two.

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  11. ^^^Danae~ You know I am in LOVE with your lilac city!!! When you started a thread about this bag I immediately flipped out over how gorgeous it is~ I will never forget how taken back I was by how beautiful it is!!!!:drool::drool::heart::heart::love::love:
  12. Zac you are so nice :shame: thanks :blush:
    But you my dear are the lilac :queen:!
  13. wow fabulous.. I didn't know there was just a big difference.. 04Liliac is has more pink (light magenta ?) while 06Lilac is what I would describe as lavender?

    I love my LILAC06 City to bits....it's sandwiched between Blue India PT and Ink First

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  14. I'd say that lilac 06 is the bluest of the three, but I haven't seen 03 irl so I could be wrong. The 04 is very pinky though, I :heart: it!
  15. Yes~ lilac '04 has pink in it and lilac '06 is just like lavender. Lilac '03 is so faded that sometimes it looks mauve in color. Isn't it so interseting that they all look so different???? I love any shade of purple/lilac so I love them all!!!