~*Come and join the LILAC club*~

  1. :heart: My lilac 06


  2. lilac '04 clutch~


    lilac '06 make-up~
    DSC04837.JPG DSC04800.JPG
  3. My gorgeous 06 Lilac City. Gone.:crybaby:
    IMG_2513 (2).JPG IMG_2511 (2).JPG
  4. ^She was lovely Nanaz. :yes: Beautiful lilacs, dolly & zac!! :tender:

    A couple of old pics of my S/S '06. She still looks the same, though, b/c she's been hiding in her dust bag for a while! :shame:


    (This is more like the color IRL):

  5. beautiful lilacs everyone!! I love this color!!!!!!!!! :biggrin:
    here is mine!!

  6. older photos of my 06 Lilac Box :heart:



  7. ^^^All your lilac's are gorgeous!!!!!:love::love::love::love:
  8. LILAC '03 HOBO~

  9. Here's a picture of '04 lilac, '03 lilac & '06 lilac~
  10. Oh girls your lilacs are just sooo pretty!!! Wow Zacorey! The difference between the years are HUGE!! I love the 04 lilac!!
  11. here is a lilac from a friend of mine!
    Picture 064.jpg
  12. his angel and Lovelv - Love your works! :tup:
    The charm looks great on it, too!

    soleil - Your lilac box is too cute! :heart:

    zac - What a beauty shot! :love: I love that comparison photo - it truly captures the differences in color for each season (and is making me want an '03 and '04 b/c I love this color so much!)...:nuts:
  13. :nuts: zacorey, they are so pretty! I LOVE ALL THE LILACS!!!
  14. Thanks luva, cate & dolly!!!:heart: I LOVE lilac/purple~ wish I had an eggplant something but I don't. I am getting violet so maybe that will get me over my eggplant craving! LOL

    Thanks for starting the lilac club Dolly!!!!:yahoo:
  15. Dolly may I know what the pink scarf/ribbon on your lilac is? it looks sooooooo cute!!