Come and Get it! Sharing the Fruits of my Labor <What I found and where>

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  1. I was just wondering the same thing! Sounds intriguing!

    Thanks for all the info! If anyone sees an EB ot Turq RH Work can you please PLEASE let me know!! :tup: thanks!!
  2. Thanks! So sweet of you to post this information~ :tender:
    You remember any other part time with GH other than the TQ one in Barneys Beverly Hills?
  3. No, sorry! I was looking mostly for Coral and works. If the SA wasn't rushed, I asked about everything:graucho: but most were either not very knowledgeable or grumpy if I asked too many questions.
  4. You're welcome, to all who posted a thank you! I hope it helped somebody. I got a little "something" I'll be posting later this week, still waiting for it. :wlae:
  5. Thank you for posting, you are so sweet!
  6. Thank you so much for posting -- Can't wait to see what you got!