Come and Get it! Sharing the Fruits of my Labor <What I found and where>

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  1. I've made a lot of calls this past week looking for a few things for myself. I thought I'd share what I found and where. Who said we don't play nice in here?

    Stay tuned, I'll post more than once. Watch this space.;)
  2. Yay! I can't wait to see what you've found! Thanks for sharing :flowers:
  3. These are notes I took because I asked about certain styles. They may have other things, just wanted to share what I know.

    Nordstrom, Arden Fair
    has a Coral day and a Magenta Day both RH. *On hold currently, so ask for Barbara if you're interested.

    Barneys, Beverly Hills had: Coral City RH
    Work: Blk, wine, brown RH
    PT: TQ GSH ,
  4. Oooooo.....can't wait! :popcorn:

    Well, as usual, I'm a little slow.....
  5. Barneys Boston:

    Wk: TQ/GSH , BLK/GSh, Yellow GGH, BLACk RH '08, Brown (truffle)? fall '06

    Barneys Chicago:
    WK: blue/GGH (not sure which, I wasnt interested in GGH)/ Camel GGH

    CORAL Hobo / Bucket (don't know for sure what these are, but that's how they were described)

    ****side note ( If I type "blue" that's all the SA told me and they were so busy most of the time they didn't want to go look up the tag for me)
  6. Barneys Seattle:

    WK: Burg RH, truffle, black GSH, black GGH
    Coin: Black
    TQ City RH


    Fashion Show Mall Nevada:

    CORAL: CityRH, First, City GSH
    WORKS: Sky Blue RH, TQ GSH, Bubblegum RH, Rouille GSH
  7. Neimans:


    WK: Blk GH(dont know color,sorry) / Sky Blue RH, Forest Green(per SA;)) RH
    CORAL City GSH/ Coral City RH


    Fashion Valley 1-800-200-0522

    CORAL: City RH, First
    WK: Blk RH, Sky Blue RH
    Black GSH

  8. SAKS:

    City: "Pink"RH, "Blue" RH, YELLOW! RH/ RED GGH
    Day: Sky Blue RH
    WK: Blk RH, "Dark Brown" RH


    Day: Blk RH, EB RH
    WK: Espresso? GGH
    Brief: "brown"

  9. Last 1 :smile:


    City RH: Yellow, TQ, Coral (this was Friday)
    Day RH: TQ
    STEP: DK Red (Tomato?) 2007
    First: Mag, BG, Sky Blue
    Makeup: DK Blue
    Brief: Blue Gh (sorry that's all I got)

  10. dang, imonpurseblog! You hooked us up! Thanks so much for the info!! :flowers:
  11. thank you for sharing!! i wonder what the dark blue make up is??
  12. WoW! Thank you so much!!:flowers:
  13. you are so sweet posting all this!
  14. thank you!! :nuts:
  15. thanks for sharing!