Come and Get blk caviar jumbo with gold/pre increase price!!!!!and..

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  1. Okay, only if you are ready for puchase please......

    1 black jumbo with gold hardware and 1 brown jumbo with silver hardware just received.........pre-increase prices........please pm me for SA info only if ready to purchase........
  2. hi habanerita,

    Would you happen to know if it is the stiff caviar or the softer matte version? Thanks in advance =).
  3. LOL at C!
  4. No clue, but you can ask the SA.......
  5. I pm'ed you.
  6. I pm you already
  7. Omigosh is Habanerita the best, or what???
    Girlfriend DELIVERS!!!!!:dothewave:
  8. habanerita- you are so helpful- thanks for all the updates
  9. anyone gets it?
  10. Both are spoken for.............