Come 12/30/07, I'll be a Carly owner!!

  1. So I just made a deal with my wonderful, wonderful fiance! I really really want a Large Black Leather Carly and another Bleecker signature checkbook wallet but my fiance doesn't have the money to spend on them. A few weeks ago we made a deal that if I bought anything else Coach before Christmas, he gets to open a gift. Well, that deal has been broken like twice so far but that's besides the point! Anyway, I got a PCE card and I will have credit from a purse I'm returning so we just made another deal!! I get to buy the Carly and the wallet on Tuesday and it will technically be my Birthday gift! But since my Birthday isn't until December 27th and I am leaving for Florida on my Birthday and not coming back until the 30th, I can't open it until I get back! But that's fine with me cause I will have my Carly and wallet and I'm so excited!!! :yahoo::yahoo::yahoo:

    Now my question is, which color wallet do I get? I'm trying to decide between the black on black or the chocolate. I'm leaning towards the black because I don't have a nice black wallet but I like the chocolate because I like the pink inside! So please help me choose!! Here are pics of the purse and the wallet choices because everyone loves pics!! :tup:
    10616_B4BK-1_d2.jpg 40893_BBKKL_d2.jpg 40893_B4BR_d2.jpg
  2. Go black on black so it will go with the Carly. :tup:
  3. congrats! :tup: I prefer the chocolate wallet but obviously the black one goes with the Carly a lot better :yes:
  4. I love all the "deal making" you do - that is too cute! If you dont have a black wallet already, I would go w/the black. It will match the Carly, and then you can also use it as a neutral with any other bag you may switch off with.
  5. I wouldn't get a wallet just to match the Carly, as I'm sure you have other bags ;)
    I am too in favor of the chocolate/pink combo to go for the black one, the light blue interior isn't very attractive to me. There will probably be another wallet that shows up that will make you go 'ooh!!!!!' the way the chocolate/pink one did.
  6. Congrats!!! Both wallets are nice but since I like matching sets...I'd get the black wallet!
  7. Congrats on becoming a Carly owner!!!! I think the black will go best w/ your new black leather carly! Good luck w/ your decision, and we wanna see pics when you get everything!!!!
  8. I vote black!!!! I LOVE black leather!!!! And it looks so nice w/ the black leather Carly!!!
  9. i prefer the chocolate since it has pink in the inside...but the black matches better....