Comcast is featuring fake bags on it's online shopping channel

  1. Now thats a travesty! I poked around on the site and after reading the bags descriptions and the accompanying reviews, I have come to realize that while a lot of the potential buyers for these products may already be aware that the bags are counterfeit and be totally cool with that fact, at the same time, there might very well be some buyers who are making the assumption that these bags are real, and that they are being sold for an exceptional deal. Additionally, the fact that the seller of these goods is Comcast, I think that a lot of these potential buyers speculate that the goods they are about to purchase are real because they are from such a reputable company. To add to that further, there is no disclaimer saying these bags are inspired, replica, or anything like that.

    A travesty, I tell you. Unbelievable!
  2. Comcast isn't selling the goods. PriceGrabber has apparently made a deal with Comcast and a seller signs up with PriceGrabber to sell the goods.

    No, no, no, I'm not agreeing with this whole sleazy thing. I don't know what in the hell Comcast is thinking.

    Luckily, most of the things seem to say 'replica' on them.

    I've unfortunately noticed a huge trend in replicas this year - or maybe it's that there are being more brazen about it.


    Until we (generic 'we') quick being designer- and status-hungry, these things will continue to be sold. The real items will become too expensive to sell. I don't know where it's all going to end.

  3. That is so sad. I get really irritated about the entire replica/fake bag thing. It is just wrong. Period!
  4. :wtf:

    That's horrible.
  5. The Chanel Cambon tote is nearly $600??? :yucky:
  6. I will report them to Chanel! What a travesty! People might trust the listings because its on Comcast's site.... but who in their right mind shops there anyways?
  7. ugh- isnt that sooooo irritating!? I have noticed this before and was like "what the hell!" I bet eventually someone will file a claim or something and comcast will realize what is going on and stop featuring pricegrabber....hopefully atleast....
  8. Does anyone know where you can report this?
  9. Since most of them are actually stated as being replicas I don't understand what you all are so upset about. :confused1:

    Is it because somebody can get something that looks almost identical to a high priced designer bag, for way less money, that you feel threatened by it? I still don't see why that would upset somebody - it's just a handbag after all. :nogood:

    Also, please remember, that replicas aren't illegal. However, counterfeits are.
  10. This is shameful,I have to say this sort of thing put me off buying higher profile brands.I carry Mulberries now as they seem to go pretty much under the radar. But this sort of rubbish that puts people like me who can afford to patronage the real thing,off it.I can see why the big design companies get so hacked off by this type of thing and it must be intensely irritating to say the least for all the ladies who have saved and bought the real thing to have it diminshed by this rubbish,If I was US based I would report them for sure,no questions.
  11. I agree this is not Comcast selling directly. This is similar to Yahoo shopping or where other web stores are actually selling the item but get to advertise them for sale on the hub site. Comcast is selling the advertising space.
  12. This is terrible! Most don't even say that they are replica! The sad thing is that many people will buy these, not realizing that they are fake. I saw a Chanel for $599! Can you imagine paying $600 for a fake?!
  13. It's been several years since I have taken intellectual property, but as I recall, the law protects the trademark. So if the bag is sporting the Chanel Cs, the Gucci Gs, or the LVs, that's a trademark infringement, regardless if the description contains "replica." When I was scrolling through the pages last night, most of them didn't say "replica" underneath anyway.