Combs & Brushes

  1. Do you keep small combs and/or brushes in your purse for quick touch-ups? I've been all over the world looking for a mini comb/brush....the kind that are made as one...the comb is on one side and the brush on the other...does anyone know what I'm talking about lol? Where can I get them?
  2. I would def. try Sephora...they have a little foldable brush-thingy that would be great for a purse
  3. Ooooh thanks...I forgot all about Sephora
  4. Yup, Sephora makes one and I think I remember it not being too expensive. It's the store's brand. I don't keep one in my purse because I have quite curly hair and even thinking about brushing it in the middle of the day would make it frizz lol.