Combined Washer/Dryer

  1. Does anyone have the combined washer/dryer. I think I saw one on TV when there was a show on small spaces. Who makes them? What type of configuration do you need? How much? How well do they wash? Amanda is our appliance expert, she will know for sure. Thanks!
  2. lol, and here i am to answer your question.

    in the US, the most common manufacturer of a washer/dryer in one is LG. they make great laundry products, but the all-in-one unit (as opposed to units that are manufactured as separate machines and then bolted together, either pre- or post-purchase) is really only for a very SPECIFIC consumer, particularly in the US.

    traditional dryers in the United States pull power from a 220 outlet - the average machines in your home (your fridge, tv, hairdryer, etc) pull power from a 110. the only other appliances that use a 220 outlet are ranges and high-BTU window airconditioners - they're usually only put in very specific places in the home because they're only used for very high-output appliances. as a result, some people with very old homes or people that want to put their laundry in a nontraditional place may not have a 220 outlet to plug a dryer into.

    also, traditional dryers have to be vented to the outside (or sometimes the attic) because the air they put out is VERY warm and humid - it would cause mold and cooling problems if it was allowed to recirculate in the home, not to mention make your house smell like chemicals. this creates the same problem as 220 outlets - some people simply don't have a vent or the resources to add one to their homes.

    the all-in-one machines are made for these customers. the catch is that they don't actually HEAT when they dry (therefore, they don't pull as much power and don't need a heavy-duty outlet or a vent). they can be put anywhere that you have a hot and cold water input and only take up the space of one machine instead of two.

    because they don't heat, it takes a long time to dry a load - usually about 4 hours. they blow room-temperature air. since it's all one machine, you can do a full set of laundry while you're asleep or at work because you don't have to get up to switch machines, but there's no such thing as a 'quick' load.

    also, you can only really do small loads. most dryers on the consumer marketplace are about twice the cubic foot capacity of the washers they're intended to go with (for example, a 3.5 cubic foot washer would usually go with a dryer around 7.0 cubic feet), so in order to minimize the machine's drying time, you can only fill the tub half full (the LG has a 3.72 cu. ft. tub, the same as their traditional front-loading washers).

    it's a wonderful space and energy saver, and it's actually better for your clothes to not dry with high heat, but the machine is simply not practical for families that do even an average amount of laundry. at around $1400, any consumer with the space and hookups for a traditional setup would be MUCH better off getting the regular machines - you can get fairly nice front loaders, which also save energy and can do very large loads quickly, for about the same price.

    hope that helps!
  3. Thanks Ms. Amanda! My friend was asking. Given that she has a growing boy who is on the football team (lots of dirty clothes) and a husband this may not be the right choice for her. She is looking for something that does not take up alot of space.
  4. recommend to her that she gets a front-load set and the manufacturer's stacking kit - you bolt the dryer to the top of the washer, so they only take up the floor space of one unit. as always, i recommend the LG units - they're fantastic. any of them but the most basic one can accomodate washing and drying a king-size comforter, so she'll be able to do huge loads of clothes. the machines also use about 60% less water and energy than traditional machines.
  5. I have the LG combo and I LOVE it. I will give you more details in the morning.
  6. I too have the LG combo and also adore it!! Everything amanda said is true. I was skeptical at first and wanted to do the extra work to our old house so we could have a "normal" machine but my husband wanted it so I begrudgingly said fine.

    I was worried about having to learn to do laundry a different way since the cycles were so long - no more huge loads of laundry waiting for laundry day. Well, it really isn't a big deal at all because as noted you can do loads when you're asleep or away and you come back to clean clothes. I was worried about the machine being loud during spinning and drying as mentioned in reviews - nope, it's super quiet, only once did I run it overnight and nothing was heard, even in my small old house. I was also worried about the clothes coming out still damp like the reviews were saying - again no problem with this.

    I find no problem with the capacity but then again it's just me and my husband but I do tend to wash a lot of stuff. It very easily fits a complete set of queen sheets with room for more. I really just love this machine, I know it sounds silly to fawn over a washing machine but it really is great. It's beautiful to look at and does a super job, is energy efficient and works for me. Most people's complaints are the long cycles and I was worried about this. But truth is, when I do laundry I'm never really sitting around waiting for the load and not having to transfer means you can do your laundry differently and actually save yourself time. I could go on and on and on about my LG.

    Have your friend read the reviews on I found them immensely helpful in researching before making this investment. After taxes and extended warranty and the optional pedestal it was about $2K so you really need to do your research before plunging in. Having said all that, however, if you buy from Home Depot or Best Buy (the 2 in my area who sell it) they have generous exchange policies and will let you return it at no cost to you if you don't like it. I looooooove mine though and even when we buy our next house and it has the room/connection for a normal setup I will still get another LG combo. Hope that helps!
  7. Okay now that I am awake..... Just like bal newbie said it is a great machine. My first Combo unit was an Equator HUGE MISTAKE that thing was the biggest piece of crap. So once the Equator died I replaced it with the LG.

    I live in an apartment so I have no hook ups. LG offers 3 size machines (at least when I bought mine they did). I bought the medium size. The place I got mine from offered wheels for it. So I wheel it into my kitchen when I use it. LG does not recommend it but I have not had problems with it being on wheels.

    I am lucky my husband LOVES to do laundry so I don't have to worry about laundry piling up. The wash takes about an hour and he usually sets the drier for either 60 or 90 minutes depending what he is washing. So it is really not that long if you consider how long regular machines take.

    Like the above poster said has some really good reviews. I posted a long one on there when I first bought it a few years ago. My name on there is blbl.

    Good luck.

    If you have any questions please feel free to ask me.
  8. i can't say for LG but my experiences with washer/dryer combos have not been good. they are expensive to run bec effectively the dryer never really dries properly - at least the set I had, so they take lots of electricity (I don't know about US but here utilities are expensive and also it wasn't very environmentally friendly). then again, I do'nt use even a dryer now but that is bec we have space to hang our washing.

    back to the combo: like I said for me it wasn't but it may have been the machine.
  9. Thanks for all the information. I will let her know. She currently has a stackable but her kitchen is so small, I think she just want less stuff in her kitchen. Do the combo front load or top load?
  10. All the ones I have seen are all front load.
  11. i have a miele washer/dryer and i've been very happy with it. i'm hoping to get separate units (also miele) when i refurbish my kitchen later this year because they are quicker, although i'll miss putting towels in the wash and going to sleep and waking up to warm towels :lol: