Combine shipping, how does this work?

  1. Say I've won two items from the same seller. If the seller had previously agreed on adding a small amount of shipping to the second item to sort of combine shipping with the first item, how is it supposed to be stated on the invoice? Normally the invoice come with the price of the item won, shipping and handling charges and total. Supposed I've received two invoices, both stating the FULL SHIPPING amount, how should I actually pay since the total (combine) shipping cost is supposed to be lesser? :shrugs: TIA!
  2. Hm...the last time that I sent out a PayPal invoice it asked me to imput the amount of shipping, or at least let me change it.

    How are you paying for your purchases? You could always mention the combined shipping before you pay. Could the seller just turn around and PayPal refund the difference? I think that that would work. But then again, I'll let someone else weigh in as I'm not the most experienced seller.
  3. I'm going to pay using paypal. So I should put in an amount in the column for shipping? Shouldn't the seller do this? :shrugs:
  4. Ask the seller beforehand what combined shipping would be on the two items.
  5. ask her to send the invoice again reflecting the shipping discount:yes
  6. I did ask before bidding. :yes: The seller told me the amount but when I received the invoice, the full shipping amount is stated on each item instead of the combine shipping amount. :shrugs:
  7. I did message the seller once I received the invoice but have yet to receive any reply.

    Anyway, I've just tried using this "email seller requesting the total payment amount". Not sure what is the difference with sending the seller a message on eBay... :rolleyes: Just trying out several options. :shame: :sweatdrop:
  8. I would just e-mail her directly and ask her to reinvoice you for both items on the same invoice with the correct shipping amount. You should have gotten her e-mail address in your "item won" e-mail from eBay.
  9. She probably just forgot to edit it before she sent the invoice. I have done that before, but I usually catch it and send a corrected one.
  10. She had now editted the invoice she sent me but the shipping amount is still more than what we previously agreed upon. She only put -$2 on the seller's discount. :s
  11. I've e-mailed seller about the shipping amount and reminded her what we had previously agreed on in our previous messages. But just wondering, if she wants to back out from the previous agreement and insists me to pay the "new" combine shipping rate, what can I do about it? I might not have bidded if I was told of this "new" rate before the auctions end. :s
  12. Well....I suppose there's a couple of different things that you can do. decide how badly you want the items, and if the extra shipping is worth it.

    Two...I think that you two could decide to not complete the transaction...

    Three...I suppose you could get nasty and file the seller complaint...forgot exactly what it was called. (I hate nastiness so, I would say this is kinda petty to be nasty about.)

    My question is: why won't she fix the shipping? If they are together in the same box, (hence the point of combining shipping) why not take the money off. Any time I've overquoted on shipping or charged too much (within about $5) I just refund.

    But again, that's me.
  13. Yea, I wonder the same thing too! :yes: I mean, the second item is actually quite small, it's a small card holder that you can actually put it inside the package without even costing much space or weight. Well, I'm guessing perhaps she was hoping that the auctions would end with higher price so maybe now using the shipping cost as a way to compensate? I dunno, really... :s :shrugs:

    I'll see what she has to say, still no reply till now. :rolleyes:
  14. Alot of 2nd items are tiny and can weigh 1 ounce, BUT, if she has listing & selling fees to pay , even though its against policy to raise shipping to cover that, thats why sellers still charge 3.00 to 6.00 more for a 2nd item. Since I never, not one penny, upcharge a buyer for my costs, I just won't buy from a seller who does and if the seller is really out of line I report them.
  15. Do I even have the right to report the seller? I mean, the shipping charges is stated on the auction. The seller never states the rate for combine shipping or even mention about it in the listing. Our agreement of the combine shipping was only in our message to each other. Then after winning the bidding, the seller sent the invoice with a higher combine shipping charge, not as what agreed in our message. :shrugs: