Combatting morning sickness - tips and tricks...

  1. Would love to hear what has worked for others during pregnancy - with my son it was lemonade, this go round it doesnt work for me, and I'm dragging myself through the work day and feel horrible - any tried and true methods to stop the queasies???
  2. I lost 12 pounds in the first trimester because I was so sick. Lemonade was my miracle cure as well. I also like sourdough bread. Have you tried the candies, Preggie Pops? They sell them at Babies R Us. They didn't really work for me but have heard they worked wonders for others so maybe that would help. But I just ate toast pretty much all day for those three months. I would make sure to eat before I even got out of bed. I have heard some put crackers by their bed and have a few before getting up. And it helped me if I took my prenatals at nite right before bed. I feel for ya... I hope you feel better soon!!
  3. ^^^I had heard of preggie pops but thought maybe they were a gimmic - if you've heard they work, I"m ordering some right now!!
  4. i used preggie pops when i was pregnant with my son. they worked for me:tup:.
    the other thing i used were ginger candies and ginger&honey infusion. i made the infusion drink in the morning, strained it, and drunk it throughout the day.

    dry crackers are meant to help although they didn't work for me.
  5. for me I left crackers on my nightstand and had one everytime I woke up or went potty. I was going to say Lemonade because I drank it by the gallon but I see that's not working this time.
    Have you tried Ginger Ale?
  6. This may sound weird but the only thing that helped me was scrambled eggs. Everything else made my morning sickness worse and I tried everything, ginger, crackers, flat sprite and lemonade.
  7. Preggie Pops helped me a lot. Some women swear by Biobands - non magnetic wrist bands that work on a pressure point on your wrist. My OB suggested them 0 they didn't work for me but I hear they work really well for some. This pregnancy the nausea and vomiting was so bad it was actually hyperemesis, and I was in bed for 6 weeks. I had to be on medication to decrease the vomiting, and required an IV a few times.
  8. I had hyperemesis TWICE and was in bed for a total of 5 months (total) absolutely debilitated. The only thing that kept me going? - peppermints.
  9. i just remembered that i also had a lot of aniseed twist sweets.
  10. I used the preggie pops and they seemed to help a bit, but didn't eliminate it by any means. I also used Sea Bands for a couple of weeks when I was on vacation (including spending week 10 on a boat!!) and they seemed to work. The biggest thing that I did was just ate what I felt like eating, which most times was fruit, and didn't try to make myself eat anything that wasn't appealing. I also got a little bottle of ginger juice and kept it in the fridge at work. Then I'd sprinkle it in whatever tea I was drinking or in water with some lemon juice.

    For me, smelling stuff rather than eating it helped too, since a lot of the time, bad smells would trigger the nausea - I carried around peppermint and lemon essential oils and would put a bit on a tissue or something and sniff it.
  11. Thanks ladies, these are great tips!

    My sister in law is getting me some preggy pops - she saw them in Kohls by her house, so hopefully those will work. I was sick in bed with #1 for 5 weeks, so this one is def easier, but still feel awful at times. I have discovered that eating a yogurt and a glass on water in the morning right after my shower gets me at least to mid morning, and then I eat cheese sticks - apparently dairy is helping me, go figure!
  12. i'm glad you've found what works for you and all the best with your pregnancy!
  13. Thanks Maria - BTW what is aniseed?
  14. Oh, that reminds me -- Stonyfield Farms' yogurt drink (I think they call it a smoothie, but it's not very thick, and is definitively not chunky at all) was another thing that sat well with me while I was feeling sick. I wasn't into regular yogurt with any sort of chunks or even the thicker texture, but the drink was good.
  15. oooh I'll have to try that! My neighbor suggested I make some smoothies with added protien powder and try to get those down...