Combat boots - help me decide!


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Aug 31, 2008
I live in doc martens. Love the made in the UK and the sole. And the yellow stitch. I am hard on them (mud, snow,rain) and they last forever. (I have the lace up and the Chelsea) I don’t have Vince combat boots, but lots of other Vince sneakers, clothes etc. I love Vince, but it doesn’t seem as durable. Only con is that the DMs are not the lightest, but I don’t mind the weight.
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Apr 20, 2009
Sugar Land, TX
Thank you! Yes, they are a little heavier. I actually bought the Doc Marten's Pascal 1460 Virginia. It's a little less heavier than the traditional ones and the leather is a softer leather - so more comfy. They are harder to get on than the Vince because the Vince has a side zipper and the Vince is a bit more "feminine". But like you, I absolutely love the sole and yellow stitch on the DM's! So hard to decide!
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Sep 17, 2009
Another Vince vote! They look like they'd work with jeans, pants and dresses and I prefer the more defined "teeth" on the lug sole of the Vince as well as the streamlined toe. Love the zipper, too, because I'm lazy :biggrin: