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  1. Does anyone know them?? "*************"...Are their Chanel fake?? Thanks a lot!!!:p
  2. There is no website in your post.
  3. When I type it's whole name, it becomes *********.:shrugs:
  4. it's been edited out. i don't think you're allowed to publish any website urls/names directly on this forum...
  5. ^and because they sell fakes!
  6. its spam, or a crap website. just get your Chanels the good way. like at the boutique or try your hand on eBay
  7. please don't post the same question twice.
    We don't allow that word to even be typed at at this point because the owner came here and brought major drama w/ her. . . she craps on her customers, VERAH bad customer service/ethics.
    We won't allow her website to be posted here ever again:tdown:
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.