******.com....how exactly does it work???

  1. ok, so i used ******.com for my purchase on elux, but when i go to the site it doesn't say anything. all there is is a tracking number. did i do something wrong or does it take a while for it to show up?
  2. The website says between 48 hours to 30 days. I usually see my cash back on the site within 2 weeks of my purchase.
  3. oh, okay. thank you. i guess i should have bothered to look. thanks again:smile:
  4. No problem, LaDonna! I hope you get your cash back soon :smile: !
  5. it takes a month or 2 for me to get cash back.
  6. for my eluxury puchases, I got an email confirmation that my ****** account has been credited about 3 days after the order was shipped. and then you get a check for your total amount about every 3 mths.
  7. do you usually save alot?
  8. ^ for eluxury, you get 3% of your total back excluding tax and shipping