.com help/ suggestions....

  1. A few months ago I decided to start my own handbag line. So got that going, samples are still being worked on in Italy as we speak. Recently just started a jewelry line too. The name for my line is ILIA.

    So, a few months ago, I hired a website designer and we went through looking for a domain name. www.ilia.com was available so I thought we got it.

    Now that everythings is coming together we were working on the page again and the domain name is NOT OURS! It's gone to some Art College information site...

    Okay, so I am all flustered now.

    What to do? What do you guys think?

    I could make it "iliahandbags.com" but I also have jewelry now...
    and visa versa.

    It needs to be easy so people can figure it out!
    Ahh, I still can't believe ilia.com is gone!!! :censor:

    what do you think about


    SUGGESTIONS PLEASE!!! I am freaking out!

    thanks so much! :flowers:
  2. iliausa.com sounds OK.

    How about iliadesigns.com or

  3. i like iloveilia.com. iliadesigns.com that the others suggested is even better. most people are going to find it by searching in the beginning instead of going straight to your website, so being VERY specific might not be so important... :smile:

    good luck! :smile:
  4. ilia.com has been registered since mid-2001. It's a good name, no wonder it's been taken for so long.

    I would suggest to choose a domain name which you can build a brand around. Ilia USA seems pretty good if you want to emphasize that your products are US-made. iliabags.com could work, as well.
  5. are you planning on selling the bags online aswell as listing them? you could try www.iliaboutique.com if you are?
    just a suggestion :smile:
  6. iloveilia.com!!!!!!!!
  7. Agreed! Go with iloveilia.com! :yes:
  8. iliaoriginals.com
  9. Thank you! Yea, I totally forgot to type it, I thought of Iliadesigns too but wasn't sure how I felt about it. I am glad you guys are liking it too!

    Thanks a bunch guys, I am feeling a little more secure about it now!
  10. Really? I swore that my webdesigner said it was still available in April! Hmmmm... well, that might explain it.

    Her website was created this year though...

    oh, well.

    thanks, that does make me feel better now though, if it was taken since 2001 I don't feel as bad, I'm crazy aren't I?

  11. one of the things you might want to consider with whatever domain name you select, is to register closely misspelled versions, too. that way if someone mistypes your website, you can redirect it to your real website.

    domain registrations aren't terribly expensive and it might be worth it to not lose a potential customer who can't type or spell! :biggrin:

    my last company did this and when looking at where visitors were coming to the (real) homepage from, there were quite a few who came from the 'misspelled' domains.

    just a thought.

    good luck with your handbag line!!:flowers:
  12. I've Been Through Something Similar. I Went In A Very Different Direction.

    Everyone Here Has Great Suggestions! Vlad & Redney ~ Great Imput!!! .......In A Class I Took, I Was Told "It Helps" To Have Something Relating To What The Site Is About In Your Address.

    As Redney Said: Registrations Are Inexpensive. Many People I Know, Buy Up .com, .net, .biz....Etc., Etc.......Okay I've Gone On & On!

    Best Of Luck Sweetie ~ On A Fabulous New Business! I Am So Happy For You!!! :smile:
  13. I would go for liliadesigns or iliausa so you can extend your line when you want to. I just admire how you are really doing it and putting so much work in it. I believe it'll be a success!! Huge Hugs!
  14. Best of luck!