Colvert To Become A Iconic Hermes Color (?)

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  1. I was recently at Hermes in Chicago and purchased something beautiful in Colvert :graucho:. I hadn't really focused on this color before, but it has recently caught my attention more than ever. One of the SAs told me that Colvert was going to become a classic recognizable color for Hermes and that next year it will be found in some way on their uniforms. Don't know if this is for sure, but thought it was an interesting tidbit to share!

    To me, Colvert is oddly like a neutral-it seems to go with so many other colors.
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  2. I believe it's iconic - one of the best blues ever.
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  3. I love it, have a Evelyne TPM in this color. It was my first H. But to be honest, there aren't many blues I don't love. hehe!
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  4. I have a Colvert Kelly and I love it.
    Easy to wear and goes with many, many outfits.
    To me, it is definitely a timeless classic :heart:.
  5. Does this mean @Pocketbook Pup is going to have to get a job at H, just to get hold of the uniform?!

  6. I'm a fan. I don't have anything in COLVERT yet, but it's a winner in my book!
  7. I really love this color. It's so beautiful and I can see it becoming an H classic.
  8. I bought a cdc in this color and surprisingly it goes with everything!! It's versatile and changes depending on what you're wearing. I hope it becomes a classic!
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  9. I think PbP should be awarded a free uniform, she'll rock it with her Kelly and amazing collection of scarves
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  10. I also have a K in Colvert and I think it's definitely timeless and classic!
  11. Yes colvert is a good color cobalt blue as well
  12. Totally agree!!!!
  13. What an interesting tidbit, thank you for sharing! It's a beautiful color.
  14. This is really great news, thanks for sharing!
  15. I am happy to hear this. I bought a So Kelly exotic in blue Colvert which was quite an investment, and was wondering if I made the right choice.