Columbus Day Sale????

  1. Does anyone know if the outlets will be having a Columbus Day Sale? Sorry if this has been asked elsewhere! TIA!!:flowers:
  2. I am going to guess yes. I am going tomorrow though to investigate this first hand and will report back lol.
    I am thinking of one the the chocolate pebbled leather bags OR the tobacco carryall.
  3. Yes they are I've received a couple emails from different outlet malls saying the stores are having a columbus day sale. I'm just debating on going to my nearest outlet (leesburg-I've been disappointed the last couple of times I went) or travel an hour & a half to the williamsburg outlet which I know I'll find something b/c they carry signature & have all the limited edition bags??? What do you all think I should do?
  4. I say go the hour and a half - that's what I have to do, but I usually walk out with a bag full of goodies!
  5. There's other great store there too so yes it should be worth the trip. Everyone has to post all there goodies they get.
  6. I just checked Premium outlets website & all there locations are have the columbus day sidewalk sale Oct. 6-9. HAPPY SHOPPING EVERYONE!!:wlae:
  7. ^^ I wanna know what they have. I will have BF call ans ask what lines they have with extra % off or something. I'm thinking I will end up at the Hagerstown one. It's either that or Leesburg.
  8. Yes, definitely let us know what you see/find out! My outlet is 4 hours away and I want to make certain it's worth the drive.
  9. I've been begging my mom to take me tomorrow (the only day we can go this weekend) up to Woodbury Commons, its around an hour-and-a-half away, but I have a reason to go- I have to get formalwear for the gala at the theater I work at, so we'll just pop into Coach as we're shopping! I'll let everyone know what's there because I know quite a few of us go there.
  10. I'm going to the Chicago Premium Outlet today. I'm hoping to be there when it opens. I've already educated my mom on the "grab, then think" method. I'm also excited because she's finally going to get her first Coach and she's going to let me buy it under my name and then pay me back.

    Also talked to her about buying a bunch of stuff and then reselling on Ebay if the prices are low enough. She was open to the idea, much to my suprise.
  11. Kathyrose I'm going to the Leesburg outlet tomorrow, is the Hagerstown one close by I know it's about an hour away. I figured if I go to the Hagerstown outlet directly from my house it's about 2 hours away, so I'm trying to see if it will be worth it. I'm about 40 mins from leesburg & while I'm out there I might as well travel the extra hour. What do you think? Do you ever hit both outlets in one day?
  12. The premium outlets are 15 minutes from my house so I am checking them out today! I will post and let you know what I find!
  13. oh..phuong you're so lucky. I would love to live that close to the Coach outlet. Do tell what they had.
  14. I could've done both in 1 day but BF lives in the middle of both, KWIM? It's technically closer for him to go to Leesburg cause he takes the Whites Ferry and we're there in 20 min or so. From his house to Hagerstown is 1 hour. That's why when I do go to Hagerstown, I make sure to call in and ask first what they have or else it will be a trip wasted.
  15. UPDATE!!!

    I just called both Leesburg and Hagerstown. See as follows:

    Leesburg - Chelsea, Soho, Classic, Hampton Leather

    Hagerstown - Hampton Weekend, Signature

    I only asked what general stuff they have in right now. Hagerstown said the Hamptons Satin stuff is mostly 50% off while their signature is an assitional 30% off. Looks like a Hagerstown weekend for me.