Columbus Day, is this a big holiday?

  1. We are planning to head down to NYC next week for our Canadian Thanksgiving and just realized that it is the US Columbus day holiday. How crowded do you think this we be in NYC? Never mind the fact that since the Canadian $ is at par, we will probably have to wait several hours cross the border as well.

    We want to go to the Woodbury Commons Outlet, do you think it will be a mad house there?

    Thank you for any advice.
  2. Gonna have to go with a big "YES" on this one!

    Columbus Day Sales, people have off and are going to be in the city doing the same thing you are ;) Enjoy!
  3. Here in the USA, it's not really a big celebrated holiday like
    July 4th.
    Usually there are lots of store sales, closed banks and no mail delivery.
    That's about all I notice.
  4. I don't think it's a 'no mail, no bank' holiday but I could be wrong? Some areas of the States observe it more than others. I would check online to see what's open and what's not in the area your heading toward. For sure, it's a big shopping day!

  5. I guess you would also want to avoid areas where there will be Indigenous Day of Mourning events. :devil:
  6. It's not a big holiday here in Maryland meaning I don't think anyone does anything special for it. I think we still get the mail anyway. But it is a super big day for sales!
  7. Right - in my county in New Mexico, where the majority population is Native American, there are usually rallies about the issue. I mean, would you want someone to come into your back yard, plant a flag there, and claim to have "discovered" it?

    Not only that, but when it comes to voyages of discovery, the Vikings got here 500 years before Columbus, and there is some evidence the Irish Sailor Saints (Brendan et al) got here 500 years before the Vikings!
  8. NYC isnt that crazy during Columbus day,its basicly a day off from class(Especially since Columbus wasnt even Italian,he was Spaniard),but anyway a parade is usually held on fifth or Madison ave by an Italian organization. The sales are okay,Woodbury Commons is far from NYC(Like 2 hours by car). You can take a bus right next to the Port Authority which can drive you there,and back. I wouldnt see many sales though for Columbus day.
  9. On Columbus Day, all federal buildings and services are closed, such as Post Offices, (no mail delivery) Banks, etc. They take every opportunity to close and I believe this is one of them. All the stores will be open though.
  10. It's not that big in the US. My job doesn't give us the day off.
  11. its definitely not a day for celebration here....(50th state)
  12. i work for a bank and we have it as a day off.