colours - Silverado

  1. May I know Silverado comes in how many colours?
    I seem to be infected with the Chloe Silverado frenzy..... kkekekekeke :love:

    Sorry, moderator.... I'm getting kind of 'desperate'... Searched the threads but can't find on this topic. Please help me merge thread if there is already an existing thread. Many thanks
  2. I've seen it in the following colors:

    1) Ivory
    2) Tan
    3) Gold
    4) Silver/Pewter
    5) Dark brown

    I'm sure there are other colors--but that's what I've seen in stores.
  3. I'm a big Silverado fan too! Here's some colors...

    Also, the Chloe website has pictures of thier current collection, I think.
    img10161736910.jpg img10161819402.jpg img10493243805.jpg img10493477298.jpg img10493477360.jpg
  4. A few more... (Also a good opportunity for me to avoid hmwk :smile: )
    img10493528951.jpg img10493572823.jpg NMV5405_mp.jpg BGV5699_mp.jpg
  5. All so yummy!!! :love:
  6. breathless***

    I wan..........................................

    There's no Chloe boutique in Singapore..... **wail
  7. oooo! The silver one I like it!
  8. i pretty much want them all!!!

  9. You can get some Chloe bags at On Pedder , Ngee Ann City.
    I got my Silverado there earlier in the year .I really wanted the python one but ended up getting the wine/reddy colour in leather coz I was petrified Australian customs may seize the bag.
  10. Thanks for the info, arcfire! I'd sure to check it out very soon..... **yippie

    And thanks a mil, spiralsnowman!! Lovely colours that just keep me drooooooooooooooooling at the pics.
  11. Thanks for posting this! I was wondering the same thing myself! Make sure you go look at them in person. I was about to get the tan, and I wasn't happy with the color in person. I think I'll aim for the Cognac color or the chocolate!
  12. I love the red and blue/purple
  13. I love the one on the bottom right. Is that the cognac?
  14. I think that picture is from the NM site, and it's actually the tan. It definitely doesn't look like that in person. It's more orangey...
  15. I think it's the picture from Bergdorf Goodman- it confused people because the label of the picture said "tan" but when you opened it up the drop-down box said "Cognac". I'll let you know for sure tomorrow because I think I got the last one yesterday and they shipped it.:nuts: I had ordered the Hobo Paddington and returned it because it was just too big for me so this is what I decided to get it return. The other thing is that I just don't like the lock on the Paddington- just couldn't get over it so the Silverado looks like a good compromise for me.