Colours Sienna and Tabac? Are they the same?

  1. Just a quick question for all you pro's as Im a newbie to Balenciaga, with only an Origan Box under my belt..

    The shades Sienna and Tabac? Are they infact the same shade?

    I have searched the forum and have seen the two names used for one bag, so I just want to be sure before I make a purchase.

    Thanks! :yes:
  2. Hi! I have an Origan Box too. [ ;

    Anyways, yes. They are the same color.
  3. Wooohoo!

    Thanks! Im off to buy a Tabac Twiggy!:wlae:
  4. :nuts: How exciting!!! Can't wait to see it!!! :popcorn:
  5. Congrats, Halzer. Have seen your super purchase. It looks a great colour and I love the Twiggy. You've got 2 lovely bags there.
  6. Halzer, in the classic arena bags, they are the same color, such as the Twiggy you picked out. In the Matelasse leather, they are not. The Sienna is similar to the Tabac, but more rusty.
  7. Thanks girls...but I think I need your help again.

    Now Im thinking that this bag could be Truffle and not Tabac. The seller got it from an authentic source but as there is no colour name on the tag, she isnt sure either, but she thinks its Tabac.

    Any ideas?
    twig1.jpg twig2.jpg
  8. it doesn't look like sienna. I think one of the browns last season was named truffle (or truffe)/ tabac.
  9. Yes, that is Truffle. Not Tabac/Sienna.
  10. Oh well its all good!

    I have checked out other TPF-ers truffle Twiggies and they still rock to me!!
    This looks more like a darker truffle than the shades I have seen on other bags. For example I have seen a truffle city with olive undertones..

    I emailed the seller with links to TPF, showing real life pics of a truffle and tabac twiggy, and this was her answer..

    I would say it is somewhere in between the two not as dark as truffle in the first link , the second pic in the link looks more like the new colour called sienna tabac, it is so difficult, it would be so much easier ifyou tell by a code or something. I also have seen on some web sites the colours are described as truffle tabac, or sienna tabac, very confusing a minefield really especially when they change the colours from season to season and sometimes just ever so slightly. I have a Balenciaga work which is a darker brown again.
    Anyway...I will post pics when I receive it so you all can be the ultimate judges!.:yes: