Colours of Vintage Ligne

  1. Just a quick question. Do you girls know if the vintage ligne comes in khaki or burgundy? I had a look at the reference library and did not see either colour and hence am wondering if it is just a figment of my imagination.....:sweatdrop:
  2. I remember only:
    dark white
    medium brown
    dark brown
  3. Ok..........

    And many thanks!
  4. the darker brown color was pretty warm, I could see someone thinking it was a burgundy color in photos.
    dark white is pretty pale, doesn't look khaki at all to me.
  5. I do remember grey, esp. when it was first introduced. I think I must have thought that that was khaki... [I am colour-blind? :wtf:]

    I asked only because I just bought a square box from the vintage ligne and the seller told me that it's described as dark burgundy..........I am worried...... will post pics when I receive the bag. In the meantime, wish me good luck, haha........:sweatdrop:
  6. I bet it's the dark brown.
    The light brown is like a tobacco color to me, the dark one is a fantastic color, very warm and deep.