Colours of the Anne-Sophie

  1. I'm thinking about getting an Anne-Sophie before they kill the mini monogram line :cry: But I'm a little unsure as to which colour I want/need, in fact, I'm actually unsure as to what colours it actually comes in. On I can only see the Khaki and Cherry...
  2. I remember they have it in blue also. I think the cherry color is the best on the anne-sophie. :love:
  3. they have it in the dark blue too. not sure about the denim looking one. also cherry and khaki
  4. I thought that they came in all the colors in the mini mono line.
  5. Do you think the Cherry is a versatile colour?
  6. The cherry Juliette I have goes with most of my solid colored clothes, yes, except maybe beige
  7. I love the cherry! Go for it
  8. it only came in cherry, blue, & khaki.
    never came in black :sad:
  9. I've seen it in cherry, blue, khaki tst, and blue tst.

    I'm not sure about beige.
  10. Get the cherry color, it's the cutest! :smile: (IMO) ;-p
  11. I have a mini monogram bag in the cherry color. It is a suprisingly versatile color. But beware of the light pink lining - it gets dirty very easily, not the easiest bag to maintain.
  12. The navy is nice. Do you find you can use it alot? What does TST stand for as well?
  13. Sounds nice in cherry. Does it have a snap closure or do you need to manually use the buckle?
  14. I don't think the buckle functions. There is only a zip at the top.