Colours I can't find....

  1. OK, so out of all the colours we established in the colour groups thread there are a few I simply cannot locate a pic of, of can only locate a bad pic of (I am only using pics that I KNOW are from authentic bags, and that are fairly true to the actual colour.

    So, if you are able to post pics or refer me to pics of these colours, I can add them to the master list, and our colour chart will be nearly complete!

    Navy - can't find a pic of this colour that doesn't look like black!

    Midnight Blue
    Cobalt Blue
    Vert Jasmin
    Vert Fonce
    Vert Pale
    Vert Moyen
    Vert Sapin
    Vert Claire
    Rose Dragee
    Baby Rose
    Rouge Moyen
    Rouge Imperial
    Gris Pale
    Noir Nacre
    Myositis - gotta check out shopmoms agenda.....
    Brun Nacre

    Other than these, I have pics of every other colour! I need the pics to be good enough for me to take a "colour swatch" from true to the actual colour as possible.

  2. The first blue I'm going to get is going to be cobalt blue ostrich. I don't know when that's going to happen since it all depends on my pink platoon, but I'll be sure to take a good picture of it if I get it:yes:
  3. I can get you a pic of chili and rouge imperial, but it has to be later. I'm going to bed now. Vert clair and vert moyen may be the same color as I've seen the color swatches and the number (Hermes has a color code, too) match, 555 I think it was.
  4. excellent, thanks HG - sleep tight!!
  5. I have posted a pic of ivoire ostrich leather birkin found at Mika's store in the other thread.
  6. fantasitc girls!!
  7. all added.....westiepup - you're fabulous!!
  8. ^thanks Dior!!!!
  9. Westie and dior24, you ladies rock!
  10. I have this exact Kelly in 25cm but my SA told me that the color is Lilac, not Rose Pale...... HTH :smile:
  11. ^ no problems...I'll change that!
  12. can i correct somehing? the grey croc you posted is blue jean in bad lighnting as due to my knowledge there is no clear grey in croc. also are we sure about cyclamen in croc? it locks like violette in porosus (darker and more purple then in nilo) about babyrose i posted a pic in the one thread