Colours for Chanel Classic Flap Bags SS14

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  1. I know it is a bit early to ask about SS14 since it is launching in March..
    But I was wondering if you all had any insider news for the colours of those classic flap bag?
    I want to get another medium classic flap to replace my current black one with SHW. Don't know if I should just get a medium black one with GHW now or it is worth waiting for the SS14 colours!

  2. Orange, Blue (not sure of the shade), Light Pink, Fuschia and Black. There may be other colors as well.

  3. Thank you G&SMOMMY!!!

  4. Thank you!!!!

    Do you know if the pink is in lamb or caviar?
  5. Do you have pics of orange? I'm very curious....
  6. Light pink is coming in both lamb and caviar. Fuschia is coming in patent and lamb. I do not recall the full list with the specifics of which sizes will be coming in each size (Maxi, Jumbo, Medium, CWC, mini, WOC, and clutch). I know there is a fuschia lamb Jumbo, but that is all I can specifically recall.
  7. Sorry no pics. Check out the Spring 2014 thread. I think someone posted a pic of several Jumbos together on a table and I think I spotted an orange. That should give a better idea of the colors.
  8. Thank you!!!

    Do you hear it from the boutique? I checked with my NM SA but she wasn't sure!

  9. Here's a pic of the orange color classic flap coming out in March from Chanel website

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  10. I literally just screamed and scared my poor BF :lol:
    So freaking excited!!! :biggrin:
    I'm think of getting all 3 sizes :graucho: definitely thinking of getting a jumbo in patent ;)
    Thank you for posting!! :urock:

  11. From NM. Sometimes the individual stores have slightly different order lists.

  12. LOL you are so cute lol getting all 3 sizes like you did last year? Orange is so gorgeous! Please share pics when you get them. :smile: I'm thinking of getting one too :smile:
  13. Is the orange lambskin or caviar? TIA!
  14. Yep I'm hoping to get all 3 like last year lol :graucho: fingers crossed :biggrin:
    Will do and you should get one cause orange is one of like those wild card colors and it really stands out :P :graucho: such a special color :love: plus it will be extra special come fall :graucho: