Colours and prices in Japan

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  1. Hi all,

    The colour which ReRe posted in her thread is also available in Japan.
    Apparently, it is a colour that was requested by Japan and since so many Japanese visit Hawaii (the nearest tax free haven for Japanese, they have it in Hawaii as well).

    The price of the medium veneta is 188,000Yen after tax refund. They also have the large veneta, two sizes of wallet and card case. The prices of the veneta for this is the same as that for the classic colours like ebano.

    Frankly, this colour is TDF. It has a silvery, bronzish, golden undertone kinda thing. Cannot really pinpoint the colour. Very nice. I am soooooo tempted!

    The black new pyramid is available in Japan and the mini veneta (which I posted in another thread) now comes in ebano in Japan!

    To Singaporeans - if you are interested to get anything from the BV here (taking advantage of the weak Yen and the tax refund where prices may be cheaper than in SG), PM me. The price that I mentioned above about the medium veneta should give you a good gauge of the prices in Japan after tax rebate. :graucho:
  2. This colour sounds interesting. Wish I could see it in person. Seems like it could be a year round, dress up or down kinda of colour. Am personally not a huge metallic fan (ok am more old school) but I think this colour could be chic and modern compared to the classic colours. I say if you like it, get it since it's an exclusive/limited colour.
  3. How exciting :yahoo: Be sure to show us pics of your haul when you get back!
  4. ms piggy,
    thanks for your two cents....i know you are being the enabler here....hehehe....

    i shouldnt be buying a bag now coz i have spent so much recently; with christmas and lunar new year.....argh!

    decision decision decision...
  5. kopibaby, thank you for the information. I thought prices in Japan are always higher than other countries. I am not very into metallic color, but I still would like to see it IRL. BV always has lovely colors.
  6. Since I live in Japan, here is my 2 Yen worth on prices:-

    Price of New Pyramid - JPY164,000
    Sloane - JPY196,000
    Large Veneta - JPY239,000
    (all prices inclusive of tax)

    The prices in Japan vs other countries varies from item to item. For example, the Veneta may be cheaper in Japan compared to other countries in Asia, but another model may be more expensive by up to 20%. So you really need to compare item by item.

    As for the color Amatura - I have seen it on the Sloane in Japan. I am not crazy about it (it may just be me, but it reminds me of the bronzy metallic BV replicas that you see on the street). IMO The ferro is much nicer.
  7. kopibaby and minda, thank you!

    i'm going to tokyo this weekend. wasn't planning to shop BV (really!) as i thought that japan will be more expensive than hong kong. but now you've got me thinking.......

    in any case, i'm very keen to go to the beautiful store at Omotesando even if only to browse.
  8. Sorry everyone! The prices I listed for the Sloane and New Pyramid are incorrect. Correct price should be:-

    Sloane JPY296,000
    New Pyramid JPY264,000

    mrsDIY88 - I was just at the Omotesando store today to browse. However, do check out the Takashimaya store in Shinjuku as well. Takashimaya generally offers tourists a 5% discount, but I am not sure if this applies to BV as well. The other BV stores in town are:-
    Shinjuku -
    a)Isetan Shinjuku - do check out the bags at both the 1st floor and 3rd floor of Isetan;
    b) Takashimaya Shinjuku

    a) Seibu
    b) Tokyu Bunkamura

    Last, there is the BV outlet store at Gotemba. The prices of past season BVs at that outlet store are still ridiculously high IMO - so it is not worth it to buy anything there since it would be at 50% or more in other parts of the world.
  9. Hi minda,
    thanks for the update.
    i was actually surprised to find cheaper prices here as i always have the impression that things are more expensive in japan, that is why a lot of japanese shop in hawaii, kl and singapore!

    but i guess with the weaker yen and the tax refund, it may actually be cheaper in japan compared to sg. hk is about less than sgd100 cheaper than japan.

    of course, nothing beats buying bv in italy where it is definitely much cheaper.

    am currently in hokkaido now - will definitely check out the bv in tokyo next week!
  10. You guys are making me totally homesick!! (and I don't feel it often at all!!)

    I had a feeling that the exclusive colour would be available in Japan as well. Quite a few brands do Japan/Hawaii exclusive indeed...

    Thanks to Minda for the price information. Last autumn I was planning to get my campana in Tokyo but decided not to due to the much higher than expected price, and was puzzled by it because other items were just slightly higher than the US prices. I wonder how they price different items...?

    kopibaby and mrsDIY88, enjoy your BV shopping in Tokyo!! Oh how I wish to fly there right now... to see almature in person...
  11. I can't wait to see this colour IRL. It looks so gorgeous in the photos.