Colours and Heart Clés! Help!

  1. So well, today I broke my ban (>_<) and also waitlisted for the heart cles (all but pink). I'm only getting one though, but I'm seriously in doubt of which one! It would have to match the browns of mono canvas and preferably also damier! I was thinking of getting the MC one, but I do really want the charms too! =P Is the red going to look ok with mono?

    Could someone post samples of these colours/Lines together? I don't have anything vernis at all, neither MC so I don't really know how it will look. O.o
  2. Red will look great with mono and damier, IMO!!
    I don't have any pictures of anything red on my mono or Damier bags but I'm sure some people do.
    Also, the Damier bags have the red lining and some mono bags have the dark raspberry alcantara lining..that's a good way to look at the contrast between the colors.
  3. I think any of the three (supposedly red, pink and perle) will look great against mono.
  4. here is my framboise with mono I know it's not exactly what you asked but close

    sure you don't want the pink :graucho:
    Speedy & Cles.jpg
  5. Red looks great w/ mono. I have a groom agenda in Red and it looks the best out of all the other colors imo!!
  6. I love your cles.
    Anyways, I think red would go really good with mono.
  7. I saw some store displays of mono and damier with the new red vernis cles--it looked REALLY nice. The red is a VERY deep, rich blue-red and accents nicely with the browns in the mono and damier.

    The pink is a cute accent color too--I think it's a little more "youthful" and the red is a bit more sophisticated.
  8. Red with mono/damier looks awesome!! I like all the colors available. It will be a tuff one to choose!
  9. OMG, that pink do actually look ah-mazing. I thought it would look horrible with the mono, but you proved me wrong. But I'm really no pink-person. The red will probably look the best, the MC might look messy?

    Thanks for inputs!
  10. vote for red too...
  11. i have a pomme agenda and it looks great against the mono! enjoy!
  12. the red in the groom, does it look liike the pomme d' amour?
  13. ^
    I think Pomme d'Amour is a bit deeper and not as sharp as the groom.
  14. Pomme d'Amour looks stunning with the mono and I'm sure it would look just as good with the damier. I'd take a picture and show you, but I'm at work. I did see one on a mono bag at the LV store yesterday and it looked great together. Also, the pearl looks good! They actually had the heart in the pearl color on a mono bag and it caught my eye!
  15. like Label Addict, said, the pink goes fabulous with the mono IMO