Colouring...(or coloring...)

  1. OK, so we always talk about what colour bags we like, and whether the colour suits us or not, and I thought I knew what colours suited me (I should really, since it's my business!!)...but I got talking to me SA who suggested certain colours that she believed would suit me, and they are colours I have NEVER considered! SO, what I would love is if you couls all share with me the colours (Hermes colurs of course!) that you believe suit you, and why.

    I am Brunette, green eyed, medium toned skin (not olive, but not peaches-and-cream English skin like my Mum!). I find Vert Anis very flattering, Golds, pale tones (white, beige-rose) and BRIGHT reds. Colours tat I think look horrid on me (:crybaby: sad, because I love these colours) Rouge H, Raisin (any purple tone for that matter), Forest Green, Fuschia ( I ADORE Fuschia, but a tone such as Rose Indienne is more flattering to my colouring).

    Can you please share your preferred colurs?
  2. GF- You have great coloring! I cannot imagine that Rouge H would look horrid on you at all! Especially since you have medium skin and green eyes!!! (lucky!) I bet it looks fabulous on you!!!

    i am the opposite- brunette with fair skin and dark brown eyes. I love vert anis, but it looks terrible on me! I am better with more vibrant colors, and some soft tones. But beige-rose would look terrible on me.
  3. Isn't it funny? I think I look sick with Rouge H, but my SA reckons it's OK!! (perhaps because she had a rouge H bag there - LOL!!)....
    mind you, it's not like we carry our bags up around our heads, but I really think some colours suit more than others.....
  4. Very true! I would hate to see what I would look like carrying an orange bag right up close to my face! Scary, very scary!
  5. K, you must know by now that you are THE colour Queen on this board, right? :flowers: I think because of your profession, you have that eye for detail and fashion. So many of us will definitely be pale in comparison in choosing colours, and in fact, may have to learn a few mistakes before realising what's good and what's not, for our skin tones, outfit matching.

    It's also great to hear that your SA is dedicated to helping you with your choice of colours, and recommending them for that matter. (She must know what you do for a living). I don't think my SA would be capable of such debate. But they are all extremely sweet though.

    My preferred colours are as follows. (not because they complement my skin tone, but only because they are easy to match my wardrobe). Not in any hierarchy.

    - Chocolate
    - Reds like Rouge H, and Rouge Garance (Braise for croc :angel: )

    - Black

    - Blue (Thalassa Blue) - I have given up Brighton Blue recently because I think it's too bright for my wardrobe. I may get it in a fun bag or small leather goods, but not for Birkins/Kellys.

    - Gold

    Not sure if I am making any sense at all.
  6. What an interesting topic, GF! I have reddish-blondish hair, green eyes and very fair skin. I definitely look best in autumnal colors: orange, potiron, gold, rouge H, vermillon, all shades of green and brown. But, over the years, my SA convinced me to try raisin and turquoise and, much to my surprise, they are actually flattering. Colors that really don't look well on me are blue jean, cyclamen, fuchsia, framboise, any shade of gray, etoupe and violet. Can't wait to read everyone else's responses!
  7. I am brunette with dark brown eyes and super fair skin. Vert Anis looks horrid as does orange but potiron is okay. But turquoise, raisin, brighton blue, madder red all look good. I love love love raisin, but have yet to score anything in that color and am devastated by the rumor that it is being discontinued. Any purple/plum color looks good as does lavender according to those around me. Navy blue does also although I always thought it was boring. Of course black which I love. I really like the look of barenia, I think it kinda brings out my eyes a bit but how could a bag or a watch band "bring out my eyes"? Sounds silly as hell, but I secretly believe it to be so. True dark emerald green is the only green that doesn't give my skin a yellowish tone. Gray looks horrid on me as do almost all yellows. I would never carry a bag that does not match my skin tone although I really don't think it would be so wrong to do so, I'm just anal that way. Blue Jean I think washes me out.
  8. AHHHHHH!!!! It's GREAT finding out what you all "look" like!! I NEVER IN A MILLION YEARS pictured you, Sue, with Reddish-blonde hair!!!!!!! GROOVY!!!!!!!!!!!:heart:

  9. SO TRUE! I ADORE Barenia, and think it suits me, too......same as you, I have a little yellow in the green of my eyes, so Barenia does this with me, too!!
  10. I never thought of that... Next time I go to a Hermes store.. I'll try to check every color on my skin tone..

    But then again, I think my SA would avoid me after I do that... haha... What should I tell her "I wanna check the color against my skin"?? :roflmfao:

    I think she'll give me this face :wtf: hahaha...

  11. LOL, I know, I SHOULD know, a whole term of my Millinery training was dedicated to colour, so I SHOULD know, but the SA threw me for a loop (and she does know what I do for a living) when she suggested Rouge H..........Might have to consult my colour wheel.............:upsidedown:
  12. Ah, dear GF. Somewhere on this board is a pic of me modeling my turquoise Bolide and, while half of my face is hiding behind the flash, you can actually see a bit of my hair. Curly and reddish blonde. :smile: BTW, I'll bet you would look lovely with rouge H!
  13. curly too? EXCELLENT!!

    or should I have said curly Sue??
  14. GF, when I turned 40, I straightened my hair. After three years of that, I decided to let it grow out. HermesLady has seen it both ways. I'm glad I'm back to my normal long curls.:yes:

  15. Oooh you have a turquoise Bolide? Where are the photos? I must see this!