Coloured stone experts please help!

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  1. pendantstwo.jpg

    Does the small pendant on the right look like a teal colour sapphire, more specifically a teal Montana Sapphire?
    I don't know this stone at all and any help would be appreciated.
  2. It could be or it could be a London blue topaz
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  3. You would need to have a gemologist loupe it to be certain.
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    Does the setting give any insight as to age or provenance? (either may prove helpful in terms of identification)
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  5. Thanks for your helpful input @papertiger and tbbbjb.
    I don't have the pendant, just this image of it.
    Backstory : couple of months ago I ordered a mint green to teal colour Montana sapphire pendant from a reputable jeweller I've worked with previously. Order was confirmed and details discussed via email and images of suitable stones for me to choose from were to follow. But no images were sent and last week when I enquired about the stone selection for my pendant order they replied after a few days with this photo of the blue stone pendant and I was told it was ready to ship.
    So I'm kind of annoyed and unsure how to deal. Not helped by my inexperience with Montana sapphires and that I'm in Australia and jeweller is in the US. I think I may have to call them for a chat.

    Any further thoughts or advice very welcome !
  6. @tbbbjb is right, you will need an independent gemologist to verify. The difference between a topaz, sapphire or other is the crystal formation and not just the colour. As you know sapphires come in lots of shades but It sounds but like you wanted a more green stone over all. I think you should chat to them.
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  7. Thanks @papertiger, If I accept this stone (or any other from them) I will definitely have it verified with a local gemologist.
    This pendant order actually began in November, when I ordered and paid for a Sri Lankan orange sapphire pendant from them. Unlike Montana sapphires, I know a little bit about Sri Lankan orange sapphires and I own some. But the order didn't work out because the orange sapphire images they sent for my approval were disappointing. So I politely requested a change of stone to green tone Montana sapphire, which the jeweller was happy with because they do a lot of work with Montana sapphires. That was back in January and I hadn't heard from them until yesterday, after I followed up.
    So my trust in this jeweller is definitely being tested, partly because their customer service hasn't been good this time around, but also because I don't know the value of a blue stone Montana sapphire (compared to the orange sapphire that I paid for in November).
    I'd always planned for this to be my last gemstone order because I've stopped collecting, but now I'm really done with long distance buying! Too stressful.
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