Coloured Jeans ?

  1. [​IMG]

    How do you feel about coloured jeans ?
  2. I do not like!
  3. Nup, not working for me!
  4. Same here, don't like it
  5. I love the color of Ashlee's jeans, however I dont know how wearable they would be. I think this style is very hit or miss.
  6. I like the red ones, but I don't think colored jeans are very wearable, unless they are cute little shorts or skirt. Otherwise, they look somewhat dated... the 80's and 90's, perhaps?
  7. I am something of a neutral pant extremist, but I think the brightly colored ones are adorable for kids!
  8. no thanks! i remember those from my youth :sad: although it looks nice in those pics ;)
  9. no...dont think I would be able to pull it off either....
  10. It makes Fergie border on the "clown" look and I don't like it in the first shot either. :shrugs:
  11. They are nice, but def. nor for everyone. I saw some in porcelain blue... very very nice.
  12. My korean friends usually wear those kind of jeans and they still look cute. It's a no for me though.
  13. Not a fan!
  14. love them! I bought some blue one's (like Ashlee's) from Topshop, and they look great!
  15. To be perfectly honest I think they should have stayed in the 80's...