Colour transfer?

  1. Hey ladies, as some of you might know I am deliberating between the speedy azur and the mini lin croisette to buy next week on a trip to Dublin.

    After taking on board everyone's opinions (thanks!) I was kind of edging towards the croisette... until I read the croisette thread, and some people were talking about colour transfer!

    I live in Belfast, where it rains quite frequently (not Amazon rainfall but showers definitely) and I am a jeans girl!

    Any opinions? :confused1: I really like the bag...... but if the risks of colour transfer are high then I guess I should get the azur?
  2. ... dark jean always leave a mark! I've had friends screwing up several bags cuz of their jeans...

    azur will get marks too cuz it's a light colour... I guess....

  3. This is true, ive seen ppl on the forum complaining about denim transfer onto the bottom of their azur speedies :s This is the only thing keeping me from going out and buying one right now!
  4. oh no, the UK is probably the worst place to live for colour transfer too! hmm i just read some of the stuff in FAQS... but none of the products they reccommended meant anythiing to me - all US products!

    Anyone know of any products available in UK to protect LV e.g. sprays or stuff that you can apply when the bags new to protect it?
  5. Umm, if you live at rainy (sp?) area, cowhide of your Azur will turn darker, too...

    DArk denim also transfer to my friend's Vernis PErle Roxbury :s
  6. My speedy azur has denim transfer around the edges. I can't get it off, but it doesn't bother me. It did at first, but now I look at it as being broken in.