colour transfer onto oak darwin leather Antony bag?

  1. Anyone had a problem with this?
    I have a chocolate Antony bag but thinking of maybe getting an oak one too but I'm worried about colour transfer if it rubs on your jeans/ dark coloured clothing. Anyone with an oak Antony got any comments?
  2. I don't have an anthony in oak, but I think that this might be a problem only when the bag is new and in case you wear very dark, new jeans that still bleeds colour. As soon as the patina process begins, the bag gets less sensitive to colour transfer. I would personally never wear a light bag with new, dark jeans, this colour transfer might occur on any bag - I don't think the oak darwin is more sensitive to this than any other light coloured leather.
  3. I have the Euston oak darwin and Unfortunately my gorgeous new dark jeans rubbed some colour onto it. I rubbed it genty with a very slightly damp cloth and it came off! I now spray religiously with Colonil Waterstop- no more marks!