colour(s) NOT to wear with LV mono or damier ebony?

  1. A little bit embarrassed to be asking, but curious to see what you all think.
    Are there any colours you wouldn't wear while carrying the LV mono or damier ebony because of their brown tones?
  2. i'll easily wear black with mono! :smile: I feel like any colour is pretty much do-able.
  3. buy any other shades of grey???
  4. nope, I wore grey, black, brown and navy today with my mono speedy :smile:
  5. grey, too? really?
    that's good to know. i've got LOTS of charcoals and shades of blue in my wardrobe.
    i carried my new mono speedy 25 (first LV) yesterday with browns and just loved how it felt and held all my stuff. I would love to carry it ALL the time, but wasn't quite sure if it would work with everything.
    (btw ... i love that you spell it "grEy" and "coloUr" too.)
  6. lol well i am from the uk :p

    the good thing about lv is that the designs aren't hard to match with other things :smile:
  7. The LV monogram is a neutral--you can wear it with any color you'd like!
  8. I agree, it's neutral!
    The main matching I won't wear are:
    - brown and black
    - brown and blue
    - black and blue
  9. I think it works with all colors.
  10. -no, because I feel they are a neutral
  11. I would not wear LV with pastels - I don't wear pastels very often but still.......
  12. Brown is a neutral.... (mix all three primary colors and you get brown)
    So your purse should go with anything!
  13. I don't wear my LV with black or shades of gray. I've got some great black purses so I usually wear them instead.
  14. ITA! That's what so great about them. I've even worn a rust orange shirt and it went perfect with my Speedy!:tup: