colour rub off from denim -oh dear!!

  1. OK, here's the deal... i went out yesterday in my new GAP dark indigo jeans, which despite washing twice before i wore them had managed to rub off colour onto my cream toile herbag by the time i had got home. luckily i remember someone very usefully suggesting a nailbrush and baby shampoo to remove it, and luckily it came out. however i'm now getting paranoid about denim rub-off when i get my new vermillion swift birkin, as this would be a disaster and not fixable by baby shampoo and a quick wash. do you watch what colours/denim you wear with your expensive H bags in case this happens?? or am i just destined to wear pale blue denim when i have my precious birkin on me???
  2. i would think cream toile would be especially susceptible, more so than leather... maybe... i've never thought twice about it, but i've got raisin and rouge h, so those are not really light colors. vermillion is brighter and lighter. i guess give your jeans a test before combining them with your bags - like rubbing a white cloth against it in a spot to see if there is color transfer. and if there is, toss it in the wash again, until it passes the test.
  3. Bummer on the toile...I have read it happens...

    The same problem occurs with my white clemence bag...:sad:...can not wear denim...
  4. This happened to me w/ a Devi Kroell white python Hobo -- luckily it wiped right off, which is why I love her bags, but I am now really careful with my darkest wash indigo jeans.
  5. Make sure you buy colour fast denims.
  6. ^^ What are colour fast denims, which brands??
    I really hope this doesn't happen! I have never experienced this.
  7. oooh sorry to hear this!!! i do stick to acidwash myself but not big floopy ones.....oh dear i'll never get over loving this new word!

    toile might just be sooper sensitive to color transfer. i worry sick about it with my white swift but nothing happened this summer, but then i do not wear denim much.

    hey, there is always white denim jeans!!!!! personally i love 'em!
  8. That happened to me too, I was really upset, it was from my Prada dark denim, they rubbed off on my light car-seats too but my driver managed to clean them off. The bag is my orange birkin, the craftsman cleaned the denim rub-off, & now it's as good as new. I am avoiding dark jeans unless it's a black bag & dark car seats!
  9. thanks all, although the sales person in Gap assured me she had never had rub off i'll be more careful in future... i'm just destined to be a light denim person in future which is a bummer as dark denim and a blue strip top would look cool with my birkin. :confused1:
  10. Happens even with light denims.....:push:
  11. happened to me on my clemence, gris tourtelle. However, came out (whew).
  12. This may be a bit strange...but on dark denim I use the same trick as you do for childrens know...dark velvet and light at the top. I soak the clothes in vinegar before I wash. Usually stops the transfer.
  13. i usually only wear dark denim with dark bags as I am paranoid of transfer. But I will try golden moms suggestion:tup:
  14. Are your Gap jeans new? I don't think you should swear off dark jeans (I even have black denims). The important thing is to give your jeans a few washes (wash, dry, wash dry etc) to rinse out all the colour (if it is not colour fast). After that, it should be OK.
  15. ^^^ good advice from my fave guru...but another option is just train yourself when you wear dark jeans to hold your purse on your arm? a pain but when you must you must, right.