Colour Rollout for Seasons

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  1. I was wondering if you guys know the timeline of when the colours are brought out for each season. I was looking at the swatches for F/W11 and some ladies have already picked up bags in those colours, while some remain unseen. In particular I'm looking for Vert Sauge! Any idea on when it would come out? Thanks!!
  2. Vert Sauge is available now, but very few places have ordered it.

    I'm not sure what time time table is for the releasing of bags. Maybe someone else can chime in.
  3. Thanks saira1214! have you seen VS bags IRL? i'm just wondering what past Bal green it's close to!
  4. There is Vert Sauge in Cultstatus, Perth, Western Australia. I don't know of any other place that has it, although I am sure there must be other places getting it in. Not sure what styles Cultstatus has in that colour, but Google them in and email them to send you a list of what is available.

    I have seen it IRL: it's a pretty green - but green is such a personal colour that it pays to see it either in real life, or get some good pictures sent to you. You could also ask them to put the Vert Sauge next to a colour that you have seen in real life, or know really well, like Coquelicot or whatever present colour season they have that you know really well: I find having the unknown colour next to the familiar colour in the same photograph helps me to gauge if the pictures are accurate. And, if they are not, I can still figure out what the unknown colour looks like, by comparing the known colour with what I have seen and adjusting it accordingly on the computer - or in my brain.

    Hope that helps!
  5. oh my gosh SkyBlueDay you are so smart!! i'm definitely going to send them an email and see what they've got. thanks for your help!
  6. I did see the new Green Vert Sauge in real life today in the Twiggy, and it is super cute!

    Vert Sauge is the absolute epitome of Copper Green - that colour which copper domes oxidises on buildings, or the copper coins that are left too long, and they get this unique green of oxidation on them.

    From photos I've seen of Papeete, Vert Sauge seems to resemble this colour most - or a deep Sea Foam (only seen Sea Foam in photos). Vert Sauge looks gorgeous with blue denim, white Ts; and stripey Ts with red, burgundy or magenta jeans, dark brown, yellow Ts and camel leather skirts and tan boots and brown jesus sandals. Really, Vert Suage is such a perfect colour for Spring in Oz, I don't understand why it's been released as a Fall colour in the Northern Hemisphere... not that I'm grumbling!

    Not sure if their photos will do the bag justice, but my second glance kind of won me over (not getting it, though because I already have another green bag... so, it's there waiting for you:smile:).
  7. Curious too when fall/winter colors are going to roll out. I'm not particularly too fond of any current new colors but want to purchase my first bag soon. So think I'm going to hold out till late Sept to decide.