Colour question

  1. I'm looking for a Paddy satchel in a colour that is similar of not exact to the LV Damier Azur:


    The yellow/off white/beige colour, not the grey. There are no paddys in my area to compare. Can any of you experts help me out? Thanks!
  2. You need to be looking for cream, creme, vanilla (hard to find) or sand which is this current season, piccie attached

    Blanc is this season too, but it is stark white, so will be too white with no underhues!

    Hope that helps
  3. Sabine's boutique, ( has the "mais" in the medium paddy, which is just about this color:smile: Good luck! And she gives $25.00 off to PF'rs....:smile::tup: She also has an ivory colored medium paddy, but I have "mais" in a wallet, and IMHO the mais is closest to this pinky beige color...It IS a pinky beige color!
  4. Possible consider mais too for the off white, the blue color in the Damier Azur is closest would be blue jeans moyen. It was made in 2006 so you would need to buy it on the secondary market, if you are interested I'll keep a look out for you and pm you if I see one. There may be one up on eBay now, sometimes they will call it blue gray if they don't know the official Chloe color name.
  5. I Sabines Boutique for real? I never heard of it. I went to the site and the ivory paddington said" coming soon" and it was an 06. How is that possible?
  6. Its is definitley real and very well known on this forum. Many of us dealt with her (Sabine) and she is very nice and helpful!