Colour question - Raspberry

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  1. I am all over pinks so I am highly attracted to the colour Raspberry on LB. The colour looks really enticing. Anyone seen the colour in person or has a bag in the colour? Is it more pink or more purple pink? TIA!
  2. Those pics at LB have me hooked as well! However, those at Aster Alice have more of a purple tone so now I'm not sure what to think. :confused1:

  3. Like you, I love the colour on LB & I want something in it if it's that color. I am not a huge fan of the purplish tone on AA too.
  4. If the pics currently on LB are from Treesje's stock pics (and it looks like it), the colour may not be too accurate, since Treesje's stock pics tend to blow out the colour way too much. LB's actual pics seem to have been getting more colour-accurate lately, though, so I'd probably hang on a little longer until LB gets their own pics up!

    AA's pics are usually fairly colour-accurate, but they can be a little off too, and I think LB's newer pics have been doing a better job of representing colours more accurately...
  5. Yeah I kept doing a cross reference of all the RM bags on AA & it seems like most cols I have had are very close to their pics. But being new with Treesje, I am not sure. On AA, raspberry is a lot more purple than I would like it to be. I think it is best to hold out too.
  6. hmmmm the sample charlie I have is called "raspberry" but it's a lot darker and reddish than either the stock Treesje or Aster Alice pics... wonder if It's a different leather?
  7. aznkat, I think the sample Mason I got has the same leather as yours. Mine was referred to as "Berry" when I got it (from the list that Annette had sent around for the online sale). I think it's definitely a different leather, as the Raspberry on AA's site looks like it's a lightly-glazed leather along the lines of the Spring '09 leathers (EB, Fuchsia, Pumpkin).
  8. If you look at the sneak peak spring '10 thread, it is in the background. Looks less dark purple than AA to me. I ordered the mini asher in this color and promise to post pics as soon as I get it.
  9. I look forward to your pics. Thank you for that link, they sure look more pink there.
  10. I can't wait to see your pics, irl pics are so helpful! Thanks so much. :flowers: