Colour preferance & age

  1. Just a thought.......

    someone mentioned on here not long ago that as they get older they prefer more 'neutral' colours in their bags, they were beginning to tend towards the browns etc.

    I am wondering if this is a common phenomenon (do do do-do do.....sorry - couldn't help myself! LOL!)? I COVET vert anis, chartreuse, pinks, rouge vif etc at the moment, but do you think, if I manage to amass this colourful collection that I will find myself selling these bags at a later date for somthing more subtle? I don't want to collect a rainbow if I am going to want neutrals later!! LMAO!!

    What are your thoughts/experiences?
  2. Funny, I was thinking the same thing. I think it depends on where you live. Where I am, everyone is pretty conservative, so I think that neutral colors would be more appropriate and low key.... When I am in hotter climates, I don't think it matters WHAT AGE YOU ARE!. When I travel, I like to have bags that are a little more freee of the standards that I live with most of the time.
  3. I guess I have become a black/brown person as I have become older but I am now suddenly yearning for a blue jean bag...
  4. Are you talking about me:lol: ? My bags are in black, etoupe and chocolate!
  5. GF, I was just thinking the same thing, wondering if I'd still be able to pull off the colors 10-20 years from now, and I think the answer is yes (or so I tell myself to justify buying more color!). I think a lot depends on your stye and comfort level. Not sure if I'd still be carrying the cute animal charms a couple decades from now, but I do think a colored Birkin in a bright red or vert anis can be pretty timeless. I personally love fuschia, but am not sure if I could pull that off 10 years from now. At the end of the day, the bag I still reach for most often is my black Birkin b/c I don't have to think about it. I do think if your budget permits after you've acquired some great neutrals, at least one or two bold-colored pieces are fantastic. A red Birkin is a must!
  6. the style of the birkin and kelly is so classic and understated that even in the bright colours, the bags are never "loud" and will transcend any age barrier... and colorful bags are the best way to jazz up a neutral wardrobe IMO
  7. I tend to gravitate towards classic colors and/or neutrals but I agree with Rose...a Blue Jean bag would be sooo nice to add to my collection....
  8. I'm pretty young, but I chose for my first H bag to be brown only because I wasn't sure when I'd be getting another... I know I want an Indigo Birkin down the road, and definitely some combo Kelly/Birkins, but I don't know when I'll be seriously pursuing those bags.. so for now, I decided to choose a color I'd be happy with for a long time.
    My favorite designer is Marc Jacobs, I have a few of his bags (moreso clothes and shoes for me..), and since the retail price is significantly lower compared to Hermes, I almost see them as "novelty" bags now, and feel that I can be a bit more funky in the color choices of those bags.
    I honestly feel like I'd be one of those people getting sick of a color, especially if I chose something I didn't think was timeless even though it was more fun.

    I recently bought my own first car, and although I could've gotten a better model for relatively same price of the one I chose, the color they had available was SO UGLY! The features were great but it was a terrible gold color. I knew I'd regret it later, even though my Dad/the dealers were trying to convince me it was better (I think they were trying to give me the great deal because EVERYONE hated the color!:yucky: )
  9. This is actually one of the reasons I am in such a hurry to get all the pink bags (that and I don't think my SO will want me to have this hobby after I get married) ... I don't think I'll be able to pull off these pinks in a few decades
  10. Oh this is such a good question, K. It's something I've really thought alot about.

    I remember when I was thinking, COLOR for S'Mom!!! COLOR......gotta have some COLOR! And then I had the opportunity to buy a Rouge ViF Birkin and I went into a twirl! The one question that kept coming to mind was, "Will you want to carry this bag around ten years from now, when you're 60?" The answer was, "NO!" Take Blue Jean for example. I really like the color but I feel it's to "young" for me. I'll be half a century next year....and I just can't see myself carrying a blue handbag around.

    H makes incredible colored bags and I LOVE most of them. Yet I ALWAYS gravitate to the neutrals. And I know that 10 maybe 15 years ago I wouldn't have hesitated to go for a bright question!

    I would probably buy a bright bag if it were inexpensive enough to be disposable, KWIM? I feel a whole lot differently about a pink bag at $750.00 say vs. a pink bag at $6,000.00. Especially as I head into my 50's and know....into the Golden Years! :rolleyes:
  11. this is great! keep 'em coming, ladies.......!

    My collection so far is very neutral (for someone who ADORES and wears a LOT of colour!)....I think I may satisfy my colour urges by doing what I have been doing - Chocolate Birkin with Orange stitching and lining, for example......I get to satisfy my Orange craving, and get a neutral bag in the process!

    Vert Anis
    Black Box calf
    Barenia Natural

    ALL very neutral! I may have to let my clothes do the talking!! LOL!!
  12. Wonderful choices, K.....Excellent, IMO. And you know, you can always dress up your bags with one of your stunning scarves! Why not? I've been doing that with mine lately.....I think you're going to have a lovely, well-rounded collection when each bag comes home!!!
  13. I crave for the array of colors Hermes produces. My favorites being Rouge VIF, Potiron, Vert Anis and Raisin. However, my rationale is if I'm forking out so much $$$, I want something that goes with practically everything in my wardrobe. I don't want to have to think when I'm putting an outfit together. Therefore, I'll have to go with either a clemence Togo Birkin 30 or black box Birkin 30.
  14. LOL - if i'm still able to collect these wonderful bags in my "golden" years, then i'm a happy camper! i already gravitate towards classic colors & shapes. the only rainbow would be found in the interior of my bags - the gorgeous leather accessories are just too beautiful to resist.
  15. my rule of thumb (im in my 20s and although I think ahead value wise (ie spend a little more for Tiffany diamonds that can become family heirlooms versus buying nameless diamonds at like Bloomingdale's etc.) I don't think ahead fashion wise as even in the past two years my taste has changed. I used to LOVE this one consignment store in the East Village when I lived in NYC. All the clothes were pre-owned but excellent and all top designer. I could walk out of there with an authentic brown Chanel cashmere sweater with little CC button details for $250. So when I visited there breifly a few weeks ago, I was disappointed to realize I've outgrown "used" clothes. I like my stuff new from boutiques because that's what I'm used to now. My standards are higher. I like mixing it up but its few and far between for me to get excited by those consignment stores nowadays- except for Decades, of course! Ok, I'm off on a tangent. Anyway, my suggestion is to take a long hard look at your overall aesthetic- what are your inspirations? Me, I'm inspired by random scenes in movies. In fact I read an article once which was so true about what a woman thinks about when she shops. It was funny to read how most women think about models in magazines and buy according to that visual image or buy for someone 15lbs less than they are, etc. I'll admit that when I shop I think about "what would a practical Parisienne street urchin/ party bad girl from a wealthy family whose been excommunicated but stole her mothers jewels before she ran away buy?" and go from there. LOL!! To make a long story short- I'm tempted by Hermes colors too, especially in the smaller items, but do I want to commit to a Vermillion Birkin bag? I don't know- I'll have to ask the Parisienne runaway in my head!!!!:roflmfao: