colour order

  1. My favourite colour is green, anything in green (with blue base) always catch my eye, I love it when stores arrange clothes in colour order, but I am trying to vary my wardrobe with white, blue and black.

    What catches your eye in the stores?
  2. ohhhh RED. Red red red! That candy apple red (which seems to have a bit of fuschia in it). It looks terrible on me but I have such a weakness for it that I buy it compulsively, as though one day I will wake up and it will suddenly suit me LOL

    Orange also catches my eye, especially in bags and shoes.

    On the complete flipside, I also love olive green. I'll make a beeline or it as soon as it catches my eye. I have the most revolting dress in olive - i bought it for the colour but can't wear it cos it's hideous!
  3. Always been pink for me~!
  4. I am really drawn towards fushia....
  5. Always blacks and greys... I think the style first catches my eye and then I immediately go flipping through the clothes for my size in either of those colors, haha. I have to seriously bring more color into my wardrobe, though. It's so hard to pass up black and grey. It's so simple, maybe I'm just lazy! I am horrible at matching.
  6. I am drawn to red, especially against a black background.
  7. Im drawn to that deep, dark, green color! I have so many sweaters and shirts in that color!
  8. Definitely deep, burnt reds. It's what I'm mainly drawn too, and also my fave colour. Although, I'm also very drawn to autumn neutrals.. burnt orange, browns, tans, ivory...
  9. black and greys... as for in colour, i'm more drawn to something like royal blue or something in colourful pattern (they alwyas get my attention) :p
  10. ^ ooh yeah - I'm a sucker for a print as well! I love diane von furstenberg prints in particular...
  11. Any pinks or jewel tone colors.
  12. reeddddd! love it!