COLOUR or Leather TEXTURE - which seals the DEAL for you?

Which seals the DEAL for you?


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May 19, 2006
SUN-shine-y island
I was doing a closet cleanout of my Bbags & I just cannot decide which to go. :confused1: I was sure a minute & very unsure the next. I thought colours would just speed up the decision only to realise that I do love some leather texture(a bit too much in fact) to give them up based on colours I don't really love. Which is a better indicator for you?

Example - The colour Sienna do not do much for my wardrobe. BUT I do love the leather texture of my Sienna Day. While I was sure this had to go, now I am wanting to keep her. I do not really like the super thick leather of VT(heavy) but I am drawn to the thickness of the leather & I do love the colour. :P

The way I am going, I would never be able to downsize. I do use all my bags almost equally so that makes it harder to part with one over the other. :crybaby:

I buy all my bags sight unseen. I am sure if I go out & buy a bag off the stores, I would have as much difficulty deciding colour over leather texture. :boxing:


Feb 10, 2008
This is just an example and I am in NO WAY comparing Bal leather to pleather:s:Push:, but...... if I came across the "perfect" shade of kelly green except it was pleather, I'd have to pass despite the colour being perfect:tdown:. I would have no joy when I touched the bag:yucky:. Good Bal leather is like boys w/ freshly buzzed hair:graucho:--you just want to touch it.:lol:

So as long as the colour saturation isn't way off or spotty, leather will be the deciding factor for me.:yes:
May 20, 2007
wow am i the only one voted for color?
i just felt as long as i love the color and it works well with my wardrobe, i'd get it even though it's not all thick and smooth (which i do prefer)


by the sea
Oct 13, 2007
For me it's a combination of both. I must like the colour but the leather is really important too. I will grab the bags with the leather that I love most.

I wouldn't buy a bag with a colour that doesn't work for me, however I might not buy a bag in a colour I love because I don't like the leather. But I might put up with leather that's not my absolute favourite because I love the colour.

So, both are totally interconnected and I couldn't vote for just colour or just leather. Confused yet? :graucho:


Nov 17, 2006
For me it is a combo.......I would first go for the colour but to like the colour it has to be saturated and not veiny nor dry which implies great leather!


addicted ali

Your Honour, a Bbag!
Sep 8, 2006
Middle Earth!
for me personally, the leather makes all the difference... it brings out the color if that makes sense? e.g. if you have a not so great color but the leather makes the color more saturated, then that seals the deal for me... the leather can bring out the color in some cases and make up for not so great color... ok, i dont know how to word this properly simply coz i'm over the moon at the moment coz I have found my HG! well one of them!


is on a purse ban :(
Jul 29, 2006
Definitely the leather, although I have to like the color too :yes:. I used to have a Rouge Theatre city, and even though I LOVE the color, I ended up selling it just because the leather wasn't great.


Work hard, play hard
May 4, 2006
Central Europe
2/3 color, 1/3 leather. First of all I don't buy leather I don't like and if I have to buy sight unseen (very rarely) I pester them about the leather quality until I'm fairly sure it will be ok (which it has been so far).
If the color doesn't work for me although I love the sight of it (I just let go my ivory twiggy and greige day), I let them go even if the leather is spectacular (greige) because I wouldn't wear them enough...

But if the leather were not to my liking, just the color, I'd probably sell those as well (not just based on the color) and I'd try to re-buy them in a more beautiful leather.

So... color is the deciding factor and leather a close second.


loves b bags
Jul 11, 2007
balenciaga heaven
the leather is the most important factor for me. even if i love the color, i won't keep the bag if the leather isn't beautiful, if it doesn't meet my expectations. it's a very expensive bag, you have to love and the leather and the color, IMO.
too much spending to keep it if you don't love it.
i love to touch balenciaga's leather texture so much that i can't afford having a bag with a dry leather.
good luck with your decision.


Moving right along..
Jul 20, 2007
East Coast
It's a combination of both for me. I have to love the color and the leather, otherwise it's not for me. Bals cost way too much to keep based on the leather even though it may be a color that I absolutely love. I'm so particular about my bags that I won't buy them until they meet my specifications. Good Luck with what you decide to do.


Jan 31, 2008
red dot.
I think it's so hard to choose between leather or colour.

I chose the leather option in the end, but honestly, if I see a bag in fantastic leather but in a colour I will never use, it's kinda pointless to get it, KWIM?

It's so hard to choose a bag to let go.. do you have to?


gaining pace
Nov 9, 2007
guess i am one of the few who picked colour.
honestly it's 3/5 colour 2/5 texture! i mean i get that bal bags have vastly different leathers over the years and even in the same season same colour. so i have kinda accepted the imperfections of each leather.

as for colour i am still kinda disappointed in my EB RH Work. It isn't as saturated as the Day I saw in HK and now I am SO REGRETTING my choice. Esp when I had to call Bal NY / Paris to get it! Sigh!


Sep 6, 2007
I thought that it was color, but as several have said I would let go of a color if the leather was not so terrific..on the other hand I use daily a Teal that I did not think I would use much... Teal has been one of my least-liked colors this my surprise,I find that it goes with almost everything.. and the leather ('05) is amazingly thick and I guess that I am 60% leather 40% color.