Colour or Leather? Help!

  1. I have just been to put my name on the Birkin List. After reading lots from the reference library and asking lots of questions (thank you allaboutnice!) I had decided on my favourite colour and leather.

    So with a spring in my step I head into the shop, only to be told that I cant have the colour I want in the leather I want. I want bleu brighton and it only comes in clemence and I wanted a stiffer leather. (Am sure more seasoned buyers than me know this immediately!!!)

    So after some thought - much to the impatience of the SA - I maje a second choice, a gold togo.

    Now I am sure my second choice will be wonderful, but I am haunted by the fact that I am IN LOVE with Brighton Blue.

    So do I go for my fave colour or the best leather? Help anyone?
  2. definitely take some time now that you're home to think about this. do you want a brighton blue birkin, or a gold birkin? did you only want brighton blue in a stiff leather? because gold togo won't be all that stiff, so it's possible that if you could live with gold togo, you could live with clemence if it were in brighton.
    the other thought is to figure out which color you will love/carry/wear the most, get the most pleasure from, and you can maybe buy smaller items in the blue.
  3. My instinct is to tell you that you should go for Brighton Blue as that is your first love, and honestly, if you like togo, I think you will still love clemence in a birkin. They are very similar in texture, and both wear beautifully in a birkin.
  4. It's such great news that you have your name on a list, hope you had a lot of fun today in spite of the agonising.

    I don't think that the difference between togo and clemence is so different so I would go for the brighton Blue in Clemence, neither are 'stiff' so you might as well go for your first choice colour. The only other thing to consider is the weight, I think clemence is a bit heavier than togo and in a 35cm this will be apparent. A 30cm Birkin would be lighter and perhaps a bit less likely to slouch, giving you a little more stiffness perhaps. On the other hand, a 35cm Birkin really lends itself to a slouchy leather as it can mould around you a little and will be less likely to bump into things and people, you can feel a little vulnerable with stiff corner of your precious bags, at least,t hat is how I feel with my 35cm VL Kelly, whears my Massai in clemence glides through the crowds a bit more easily. Overall, I think a 35cm Birkin is really suited to the slouchier leathers, it matches the style of the bag very well I think. I think you have your heart set on the brighton blue so I would go with this although gold is a great neutral...

    Sleep on it and decide by Monday.

    Did you buy anything while you were there?
  5. I really really tried very hard not to buy anything. But am weak! So I now own a gorgeous chevre mysore zipped agenda in Rouge Vif.....

    To be honest it wasnt a fun experience, I felt very pressurised to decide quickly and there was no assistance offered in making the decision at all. But I had made it that far and so thought I should carry on.

    then I got the new girl selling the agendas who had no idea about leathers, colours - anything!
  6. sorry it wasn't the perfect experience that it should have been. Next time post for a fellow PFer to meet you and help out. we are good at spending other people's money. anyway, I think you should go for the bb in a 30 clemence. It will be slightly less slouchy, the color you want, and you should check out rockerchic's bb birkin and then you would fall in love.
  7. I agree...go with the color you love! Sorry the experience wasn't the best!
  8. Thank you so much for your advice. I really appreciate these wise words. I dont often get stuck in these situations, but I just could not decide what to do for the best!

    I love rockerchic's birkin, it was her pictures which finally made my mind up!

    Now I am thinking a bit clearer, I think bb is the way to go. I loved the colour so much IRL, even more than I had originally.

    Will call on monday - I can guarantee she is not going to be impressed with me LOL!
  9. That agenda sounds lovely, post a pic when you get a moment. I am so sorry it wasn't the best experience. After Monday when you have got your order finalised, you will feel better and the next time - go to Royal Exchange for all your extra things, I remember you saying they were so nice there, and they were lovely to me when I went to London.
  10. Good for you, eliselady. :yahoo: You will love the Brighton blue. And don't worry about the SA. If she has had a bad day it's not your problem. You can make as many demands as you want!